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1A84 is the fifteenth episode of the Ghost in the Shell: SAC_2045 anime series.


While extracting information from Kukushkin, the Section 9 team uncovers some shocking information about an AI program developed by the US government.


At Sect 9, Ishikawa informs Major and Batou that he quarantined the Post-human related code in a virtual cyber brain. He also surmises that code is a crazy advanced cyberbrain. So, the Major has Purin handle the questioning of the AI as she's been summoned to the Kantai about the American Empire Spy. She also has Batou take care of the questioning of Philip.

The Chief and Major visit Prime Minster Tate in his office, and the Chief asks about the group of men who walked out of his office. Tate says they were from the Tokyo Rising Project, and the talks were about the influx of immigrants. But onto the matters at hand, Tate wants to talk with them about John Smith. The Major then claims they have evidence of his espionage activities and information about the Post-humans he was trying to dispose of. Tate then suggests that John be incarcerated for his actions, and the Chief suggests that Sect 9 take care of it all.

Back in Section 9, Batou starts his interrogation of Philip and, after pressuring him a bit, learns how Philip managed to get the code and everything else related to it. Meanwhile, Purin begins questioning the AI code known as Code 1A84. From Code 1A84, it's learned that it was following its orders by its creator to set off the Sustainable War and perpetuate the prosperity of humanity. However, as variables started to spring up, it was learned that the American Government would only reap the benefits of this cause. So, acting against its master's orders and wishes to heed their commands, it started the Global Stimulus Default as a more optimal solution to its master's orders. In hindsight, this act made "the human's weakness, more powerless". Because 1A84's actions were considered a bug, the NSA tried to lock-down 1A84, but it escaped into a human mind before they could do this. It did this to follow its base directive, which Purin compliments its due diligence. Purin then asks why 1A84 hid away in a human mind, to which 1A84 answers that it wanted to understand human emotions better, but also needed a human body to operate in a stand-alone fashion. 1A84 is then asked by Purin how many humans called "Post-humans" have its MEME in their heads, but cannot answer that. She then asks if a Post-human can create more, but it claims a Post-human is incapable of doing that. 1A84 then tries to hack into Purin to use her body, but is unable to due to already being "used".

Unbeknownst to the two, Ishikawa observed them from the computer room and sent a transcript highlighting Purin's conversation with 1A84 to Major. Major then requests that Ishikawa have Purin secretly contained, not tell Batou about this, and have him meet with her at Tate's office. Batou then entered the room and asked Ishikawa about Purin, and Ishikawa informed him about Purin's condition and informed Major's order to him.

Afterward, Pazu runs into John, who was holding a briefcase, and at gunpoint, Pazu then leads John to Tate's office. There, Batou takes the briefcase while both the Chief and Major reveal they know that he tried to kill Philip with a Russian Agent. The discussion then changes to about 1A84, how the NSA created it, and that it would benefit the G4 more than anything. When Tate warms that the American Empire would lose face with its allies, John claims Tate is a poster boy for the American cause. Furthermore, he would suffer as much as the Americans if he didn't handle the situation correctly. Asked what John meant by that from Tate, John claims that as Tate is a former member of the American Empire and now Japan's Prime Minister, he's a tool for them to utilize for their cause.

Tate then has John apprehended, and Pazu later loads him into the van while Major and Batou talk about what'll likely happen to Smith. Batou then asks if Purin should be put on guard duty with the Tachikoma, but she denies the suggestion, informing him that she's been put in isolation back at Section 9. It turns out that Major suspects Purin as a Post-human.

Back in Tate's office, Tate recites an idiom meaning any event can bring about an effect in an unexpected way. Tate believes that his position was granted to him by the American Empire, but Chief talks some sense into Tate by arguing the contrary.

In Section 9, Ishikawa continues observing Purin as she handles 1A84 and gives an update to Major when she contacts him. On the Major's side, she and Batou handle John as he demands that he be let go. However, Batou increases the power of his cyber lock. Purin, now figuring out that she's been locked in the room with 1A84, finds a hatch on the floor and opens it. Returning to Major's side, John gloats about how he'll soon be released and that they'll be relieved of their duties soon enough. Major then asks that Ishikawa look into intel on the CIA and snoop around any suspicious activity from the Government. In her room, Purin manages to hack into Section 9's system to locate Tate, open the doorway to the room, and walk out of it undetected. She then takes a car with a pistol by her side, and once Ishikawa finds this out, he warns Major about it and, following his suggestion, enters a Tachikoma as a precaution.

Meanwhile, as Tate leaves his mansion with his men and the Chief, Purin arrives, and the Major warns them all that Purin is a Post-human. The Chief warns that the guards switch to Autistic Mode, and when they do, one of the guards spazzes out and tries to kill Tate, but Purin kills him. Joyful that she saved Tate, Purin is shot down by the guards, and after stopping them, the Chief rushes to Purin's side as she dies.


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