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A Long Slumber is the twenty-first episode of the Ghost in the Shell: SAC_2045 anime series.


To regain control of the hijacked nuclear submarine, the Section 9 team targets Mizukane and Takashi Shimamura to regain control of the hijacked nuclear submarine.


As ASFs infiltrate Geo City, Purin fetches her 3D-printed assault rifle from her van and then heads to Takashi's location. Meanwhile, Ishikawa starts the briefs that Takashi is likely filtering the Geo City Net traffic to create a new network of his own that only his people can use. Boma tries to access the network; however, he's hit by a barrier when he tries to enter it. Ishikawa speculates that the users access the network with their cyber prints, which Batou figures unless they capture Takashi or Suzuka. Major also believes that the Americans figured the same and reiterates their plan to capture Suzuka and asks Pazu for her position. Pazu then relays that Suzuka plans on leaving Geo City, and it's planned that they'll capture Suzuka while Takashi is sleeping. Togusa, Boma, and Saito are assigned to capturing Takashi, while Major, Batou, and Ishikawa deal with Suzuka. Although Stan is briefly left behind, he hitches a ride on Togusa's Tachikoma.

Meanwhile, Purin closes in on Takashi's location only to discover he's disappeared from his last known location. Making close contact with Takashi, he attacks Purin by mentally throwing steel girders at her, which was only possible because she was logged into the N-network. Purin still experiences pain despite being an illusion, and she retaliates by firing her gun at Takashi, who dodges every bullet until the gun jams. The two then struggle to fight each other, causing Purin to fall off the side of the area and land on top of a crane hook.

Elsewhere, Suzuka escapes on a motorbike, and Major's group tails her, while unbeknownst to them, the ASF tails her too. Togusa's group soon reaches Takashi's location and locates him on top of his usual point, where more ASF surreptitiously arrive. An ASF signal flare is lit, signaling that Takashi is asleep. The ASF then make their move against Suzuka and Major warns Togusa about it. Saito then has his Tachikoma link his Hawk Eye to the area's Net so he can access a satellite.

On Suzuka's side, the ASF used sleeping gas on Suzuka, causing her to fall asleep, but before they could capture her, the Major's group scooped her up and split. Switching to Togusa's group, he exits his Tachikoma, makes his way to Takashi, and puts a cyber lock on him. Then, Saito shoots at a stealth cloaked ASF, and the Tachikoma finishes it. Down below, Purin reboots herself and proceeds to climb back up the hook's wire.

Back to Major's group, they're continuously shot at by the ASF, and once the Tachikoma shoots the top of the tunnel creating a small rubble blockade. It allows Ishikawa to hack into Suzuka's mind and access her cyber prints as the Major and Batou hold off the ASF's gunfire. Once Ishikawa collects the cyber prints, the ASF surrender, but they want the cyber prints as a condition for their complete surrender. However, Suzuka awakens, steals the prints, and tries to run away with them, only to be mortally wounded by the Major's group and the ASF. As Major tries to retake her cyber print, the ASF flees the scene, and Bato admonishes her from trying any further since Suzuka's brain wave is too weak now. The remaining ASF head to Takashi's location, send off a signal flare warning them about the situation, and Togusa's group see it. A missile is shot at Saito's location, causing him to enter his Tachikoma for protection. From Takashi's perspective, he awakens from his sleep.


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