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All Will Become N is the twelfth episode of the Ghost in the Shell: SAC_2045 anime series.


Togusa has a strange episode while analyzing the data confiscated from Shimamura. When he wakes up, he and Batou head out to investigate.


In the Section 9 computer room, Togusa was analyzing some data that was confiscated from Takashi. He gets cyber attacked and alerted by this, Purin and Boma try and help him, but Ishikawa saves him by uploading an offensive barrier into him.

Afterward, Major and Batou are briefed on Togusa's condition in the medic room. Moments later, Togusa awakens and explains his experience of what happened to him. Although Togusa's given a clean bill of health, one of the medics suggests that he delete the file downloaded into his cyber brain.

Later, the medic discloses to Major what they found in the file that was abstracted from Togusa's cyber-brain. It's a program that reawakens memories deep within the user's subconscious. Ishikawa, Boma, and Batou all joke about what dredged up in Togusa's mind, but Togusa appears and asks them to cut it out. Togusa then asks Ishikawa if he found anything interesting. Still, he couldn't find anything due to part of the damaged file, but he assures him that it's not a significant threat and that it wasn't opened outside Togusa's mind. Major then asks why Takashi would create the file after Think Pol. To that question, Togusa speculates if he wanted to remember something himself and recalls that Think Pol might be based on the Thought Police from George Orwell's 1984 book. Furthermore, it's revealed that Togusa went back to see Takashi's Mother and learned that Takashi received the book when at nine years old, but doesn't know where. Although their lead may have run out, around the time he was 9, Takashi did stay in the mountain area of Kyoto with his aunt and uncle. Togusa asks to investigate the area, and Major agrees to it. Also, Batou volunteers to take along as well.

Riding in Tachikoma, the two arrive at where Takashi stayed while his mother stayed with her sick husband in the hospital. Because the reception was terrible there, Ishikawa suggests that they reconnection their communications through the Tachikoma. They do, and when Togusa investigates the place, he briefly sees Takashi; however, Batou isn't able to see him.

A flashback of Yuzu and Takashi is shown where Yuzu pesters Takashi while he creates a game. Togusa is revealed to be able to see this flashback in a first-person view, but cannot interact with anyone in the memory. In the next memory, Yuzu warns Takashi not to go down a particular path because an airborne trooper lives there. They still go down the path and break into the man's house; it's there that Takashi steals the book 1984 from there. When they hear the man returning home, they flee and are picked up by a police officer. At their home, Takashi is beaten by his uncle for taking Yuzu to a dangerous place.

Returning to Togusa and Batou, they find the home where the airborne trooper lived. Another flashback is shown where Takashi tries to return the book to its owner, but the airborne trooper says that Takashi can keep it and claims that soon, what's in that book will come true.

Meanwhile, Ishikawa finds an article about a disabled veteran that killed five cops years ago. Despite Major believing Togusa should be privy to this, Ishikawa cannot send him the intel due to his location. Purin reports that the memories that sent Togusa into shock were corrupt and couldn't be reformated. Boma, however, details that what they could make out was the emotions behind it, citing it was something close to heartbreak. A meltdown from Purin leads Ishikawa to believe that the intention of the program Takashi created was to trigger "Nostalgia". He follows it up that an innocent bystander died in the crossfire of the attack on the five cops.

Returning to Togusa, he witnesses another memory of Takashi where he tries to read 1984; however, he cannot comprehend it at a young age. Then, he witnesses four cops kill another cop, and Yuzu unintentionally gives away their position. When the cops try and deal with the two, the airborne trooper comes and kills the cops, but Yuzu is caught in the crossfire and killed. Although the airborne trooper denies the young Takashi's request to take him with him, he allows the older version of Takashi to join him and gets on the back of his truck with the other troopers. As Takashi gets on, he asks Togusa in a distorted voice if he wants to get on the truck. In reality, Ishikawa contacts one of the Tachikoma so they can allow him to talk to Bato. One of the Tachikoma does this, and the moment Batou turns around for a brief moment, he realizes that Togusa is gone. On the other hand, the Tachikoma can see him and wave goodbye to him.


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