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A patient undergoing a routine medical procedure unexpectedly takes a turn for the worst, and the medical staff mount a frantic effort to save him. During the operation it becomes necessary for the Doctor in charge of the operation to look into the man's external memories, at which point he identifies his patient as the terrorist "Angel's Feathers", one of the world's most wanted men. After struggling over whether to adhere to the doctor-patient privilege or inform the police of his discovery, the doctor finally opts to do the latter. The information he gives the police sparks a multi-national counter-terrorism operation, with several nations sending members of the very best special forces teams they have to offer; in Japan's case, this means Batou and the Major of Section 9. During the briefing in Berlin they learn that Angel's Feathers uses high explosive bombs to strike at high-rise buildings to kill his targets, and acquired his name from the thousands of glass shards that fall to the ground as a result of these explosions. The man in charge of the briefing explains that they have reason to believe Angel's Feathers will stop in Berlin before proceeding to his next target, and on that note the briefing concludes. While staking out on a cold night, Batou oversees a blind girl named Theresia searching for her father. It's revealed that Theresia's father is in fact Angel's Feathers, who was making his regular trip to Berlin to visit her. Batou and Kusanagi stake out their meeting place and are forced to apprehend Angel's Feathers in front of Theresia.

Much of this episode pays homage to the Wim Wenders film Wings of Desire ( originally Der Himmel über Berlin).

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