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After a five-year wait, Chinese vice foreign minister Jin has been allowed access to the Kagashewa war memorial in Japan. Jin is the first Chinese dignitary to be granted access to the site, but not everyone is happy with the decision, and before long a death threat is made against Jin. Elsewhere, Aramaki visits the grave of one of his deceased comrades, a Colonel in the GSDF. While at the grave site, Aramaki encounters the Colonel’s daughter, who voices her concern over her brother Yu’s sudden behavioral changes. When Section 9 determines Yu to be the prime suspect in the assassination attempt, Kusanagi and Togusa are sent to apprehend him, but arrive too late to arrest Yu. Simultaneously, Aramaki receives a disturbing phone call from his dead friend who explains in part the reason for his actions. Out of respect for the chief, Section 9 resolves to do everything in their power to take Yu in alive, but there is concern among the team members that Yu may not give them that chance. They manage to stop Yu by hacking his cyberbrain and fooling him into thinking his mission was successful. However, he has been permanently traumatized after merging his own ghost with his father's.

Noteworthy Dialogue

Tsujisaki: It's been a long time, Aramaki.
Aramaki: It can't be! What's the meaning of this?
Tsujisaki: At first I had no intention of doing anything, I only wanted to tell me the truth. A truth I thought posterity should know. The thing I needed to tell me, was that I overwrote my memories into my cyberbrain. I never suspected the potential danger of it. That it would turn me into an assassin.
Aramaki: What have you hidden in there? What's in your data library?
Tsujisaki: The truth about Okinawa. I only wanted to hand it down to future generations, but when I learned this truth, I discovered the truth behind mom's death. All I wanted after that was revenge. It was a miscalculation on my part. I had no intention of carrying out an assassination, but I am unable to stop the thirst for revenge that festers in my heart.
Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex Episodes

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