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Automated Capitalism

Automated Capitalism 全自動資本主義Zenjidō Shihonshugi

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1 (SAC)

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Transcript:Automated Capitalism

Air Dates


December 31, 2002


February 13, 2005

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Unequal Terrorist


Time of the Machines

Episode Type
Stand Alone episode

Stand Alone episodeThis episode takes place independently of the main plot. This is the ninth stand-alone episode of the season and the fourteenth episode overall.


Acting on a tip, Section 9 breaks up a cabal of thieves hell-bent on wrecking a Japanese financial institution. Shortly after the raid, a Chinese intelligence official contacts Section 9 and informs them of suspicious activity that he believes may indicate an assassination attempt by Chinese Socialists on a prominent, yet reclusive, Japanese multi-millionaire named Kanemoto Yokose. Section 9 is therefore tasked with protecting Yokose, a 56-year-old ex-mathematician who has amassed a fortune by playing the stock market. Section 9 and the assassin arrive at the mansion within minutes of each other, but after reaching Yokose's bedroom both sides make an unexpected discovery: Yokose has actually been long dead, the reason people believed he was still alive being his automated financial program that continued to manage his investments.

The symbols in the title "¥€$" refer to the Japanese yen, the euro, and the dollar, respectively.