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Alternate names



Public Security Section 9


resident explosives specialist


6'7" (200 cm)[1]

Seiyū (Japanese)

Taro Yamaguchi

Voice actor(s) (English)

Dean Wein

Borma (ボーマ) is Section 9's resident explosives specialist, as shown several times during 2nd GIG. He is the only Section 9 operative with similar height and enhanced strength to Batou, though his optics are clearly a different color and might therefore be another model with different capabilities. Both his eyes and his baldness are his trademark features.

In addition to his role as Section 9's explosives specialist, Borma often handles the task of rear support. In most assignments, he's the only member to carry heavy weaponry. He also works as the team's resident cyberviral warfare expert, often developing vaccines for viruses within minutes of their creation. He is usually teamed with either Saito for sniping duties, Pazu for general operations and Ishikawa for cyberweb research and viral warfare.

Of his past, little is known though some can be guessed from speculation and comments made in the series. At one point, Borma was in the Japanese Self-Defense Force as a demolitions expert, possibly hinting that he was either a combat engineer or a special forces operative. It's also been speculated that he was a virgin at the time of his cyberization since he was affected by the Individual Eleven virus.

In the episode Selecon, Boma is represented by his avatar, a flat, round 0906, along with Batou and Togusa (at 0903 and 0904), suggesting hierarchy.

Note: This character's name is sometimes alternatively transliterated as Boma.


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