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Born in Heaven is the sixteenth episode of the Ghost in the Shell: SAC_2045 anime series.


Worried Purin might be a spy for the Americans, the Major sends out a crew of Tachikoma to look into her hidden past.


The Major, Batou, and Saito throw John into a cryo freezing chamber for his conspiratorial actions and his assassination attempt on Prime Minister's life.

Afterward, they reconvene with the Chief and the other Section 9 members as well as Tate as he announces that due to the recent events involving Purin. An inquiry was opened concerning Purin, and during its investigation, they're asked to remain on standby until further notice. Batou admonishes the order thinking they'd best handle it; however, Tate says a third party would best handle it with a neutral perspective on the situation. Once Tate leaves the room, Ishikawa and Boma detail their findings about Purin being Post-human. As the discussions involving Purin continues, Chief reveals that he doubts she's a double agent for the American Empire, as he recruited her by a suggestion from a personal friend of his.

Meanwhile, Purin is transferred to the med bay of the Section 9 HQ, and the Tachikoma talks about Purin's recent actions. Hence three of them do some spy work to find out about Purin's past. Soon, they scope out Purin's neighborhood, interview her neighbors, and try and access her IoTs, but find nothing. After investigating Purin's apartment, which is empty, one of the Tachikoma relays its findings from what it learned from the Section 9 databanks. During middle school, Purin transferred to MIT, graduated with high honors, and then transferred to Teito University. Learning that Akina Murase is Purin's guardian from a facial recognition scan, the Tachikoma decide to interview her about Purin.

When they visit Akina's home, the Tachikoma learns that Purin lost her parents while she was in middle school and how Akina became her guardian. Furthermore, it's learned that Purin wanted to attend Teito University, but Akina persuaded her to attend MIT instead. On the other hand, after returning from there, she was still insistent on attending Teito University. However, she still insisted on attending and graduating from the university as it's a prerequisite to joining the Ministry of Home Affairs. Hence, Akina had the Chief help Purin join the organization as a personal favor from her and revealed that Purin was approached to join the CIA during her time in America.

Reaching another dead end, the Tachikoma reevaluate the Section 9 databanks to find more information about Purin before her time in middle school. Again, however, this reaches another dead end, but one of the Tachikoma has an epiphany to use a facial recognition program to find any information on Purin during her time in middle school. The endeavor proved difficult as a thorough scrub of her past was made. In the end, all the Tachikoma could find was a single picture of Purin and a picture of someone suspected to be Purin's sister. The picture in question was marked as a police file dated March 2030, where an entire family was murdered in Niihama city, and it rings a bell to the Tachikoma.

Transporting themselves to the location, the Tachikoma review the facts surrounding the case they're familiar with involving the brutal murders committed by Marco Armaretti. Marco was a former CIA soldier driven insane by a project run by the CIA called Project Sunset. Despite little evidence connecting Purin to the murders, it's surmised that Purin was put in the witness protection program after witnessing the murders. Having no lead to go on, one of the Tachikoma believed that Purin left "something" behind that they could work with to figure out her past.

The Tachikoma return to Purin's apartment and break into the frozen shut fridge to find an assortment of servers inside it. From there, a flashback of when Purin was younger is shown where she sees the dead bodies of her family, and after she passes out, she wakes up to see Batou is carrying her. Placed on a couch somewhere, Purin sits there, and Batou later returns with a little pudding cup for her and confirms that her parents and sister are dead. Batou also informs Purin that she'll get a new name to be able to continue her life. Purin then tearfully eats her pudding as Batou quietly sits beside her.

After watching Purin's memories from the server, the Tachikoma cried over this and were about to relay their findings of Purin's innocence. However, another Tachikoma interrupts them, claiming that Purin was proven innocent from newfound evidence at the crime scene. The information they found was synchronized with the other Tachikoma, and unbeknownst to them all, the Section 9 group watched everything the three Tachikoma discovered about Purin's past.

Once the Tachikoma decides to create a virtual personality of Purin with the AI Code 1A84, the Tachikoma upload Purin's memories to it. They sequentially delete their memories of all they've learned of Purin's past.


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