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Bridge of Promise is the nineteenth episode of the Ghost in the Shell: SAC_2045 anime series.


Resurrected as a full-body prosthetic cyborg, Purin tries to hitchhike her way to Tokyo. US special operations forces face Mizukane's wrath.


Batou, Saito, and Togusa all ride in a Tachikoma, heading toward the landing point of the SOCOM soldiers.

In his office, Prime Minister Tate talks with Chief about how the Americans have located the Post-humans location. An enhanced photo of both Takashi and Suzuka is shown as evidence of the claim. The Chief claims then how reckless the Americans were acting against the Post-humans and notes if the Post-humans would retaliate with nuclear weapons. Tate then comments he can't confirm any of the Chief's speculations on the matter, but claims the Americans gave a direct order for them to stand down. Not fully agreeing with how the Americans handled the operation, the Chief feared a civil war would break out in the country. Concurring with the Chief's notions, Tate claims they need to find Suzuka before the Americans and hold them accountable for the actions of 1A84. The Chief then mentions that the declaration of independence made by the Post-humans was sent to the Americans, not Japan, which perplexes him, but cautions about their "N" cause. As it so happens, Major, accompanied by Boma, Pazu, and a few Tachikoma, were on their way to the location. Major also eavesdropped on the conversation and thought it was fortunate that Batou's group was already at the location.

Meanwhile, Purin awakens as a full-body prosthetic cyborg in a med bay. Exploring the area, Purin learns that her cyber brain can't access the net. Continuing her investigation, Purin enters a room with an inaccessible computer because her authorization rights have been revoked. Using the phone in the room, Purin contacts the Tachikoma, who finds it strange someone is calling them from Megatech Body. When they answer the call, they're terrified that a "Ghost" was calling them, and Purin reprimands them and asks for intel on the situation at hand. They, however, refuse to tell her anything to avoid disciplinary action against the Major. Taking matters into her own hands, Purin hacks into the Tachikoma mainframe and learns that his body is fully prosthetic, has no cyber brain, and was infected by a Post-human.

Arriving at their destination, Saito informs Togusa and Batou about the SOCOM soldiers' current location. Back to Purin, she comes to terms that she did die and that the Tachikom and everyone in Section 9 watched her "diaries" about her past. After pulling herself together, Purin finds the original 1A84 file and figures she can use it. Later, Purin walks out of the building and commandeers a vehicle.

Switching over to the SOCOM soldiers group, they find Suzuka strapped to a chair and find her to be asleep. Turning off their stealth camos, one of the soldiers claimed their intel was correct. Initially, they were supposed to fire off a signal flare to alert their allies where they found her, but the soldiers started laughing uncontrollably and shooting each other. Only two soldiers remained, and one of them shot out a smoke screen which made Suzuka cough a little and made the soldier who shot it figure out that gas still affects Post-humans. Chased outside, the soldier who shot the smokescreen kills the other soldier and is fast approached by Suzuka while Batou's group witnesses the scene unfold. When the soldiers fall back into an artificial water stream, Batou leaps into action to save the person while Togusa and Saito follow suit.

Returning to Purin, she gets dressed into clothing provided by the van driver, who said the outfit was a cosplay for the girlfriend he never had. The driver then asks if Purin is another follower of "N" and explains its backstory. Confused by the subject, Purin agrees with the driver's words, and they continue forth until they learn roadblocks have been imposed that lead to Tokyo. A row of military trucks then passes by them, and the driver decides to tail them.

Finding the soldier in the sewer area, Batou recognizes him as Stan, but calls him by his real name Omoshiro. Continuing their drive to Tokyo, Purin accesses some files related to the Post-humans and asks the driver how many people are gathered in Tokyo. The driver guessed a few million, and Purin was surprised by the number. She then asks what the N people want, and figuring out that Purin isn't an N, he recites the phrase, "War is peace and slavery is freedom". Accessing the driver's mind, Purin learns the driver's name is Shinjo and that his ghost line is dissolving. From there, Purin locates a program that resembles the nostalgia program that Togusa found. Asked Shinjo who the file's creator was, he doesn't know, but claims that the file changed his life and perspective for the best.

Togusa is told about Stan's background when he worked with Major's group back on the west coast. After a brief examination of Stan, Batou details that Stan's Autistic Mode was disengaged and caught a virus because of it. Batou resets Stan, and he recognizes Batou as the Major's attendant. When Batou asks him why Stan was there, he refuses, but Batou tries to reason with him.

On Purin's side, Shinjo stops the van as there's a blockade by the GSDF, and a group of soldiers then surround the van. By himself, Takashi approaches the group from across the bridge; the blockade was put on. The surrounding soldiers then draw out their weapons and demand Takashi stops and come no further. Immediately, Purin recognizes Takashi as he stands calmly on the bridge as the soldiers point their weapons at him.



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