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Chris Otomo Tate (久利須 大友 帝都 Kurisu Ōtomo Teito) is the prime minister of Japan in Ghost in the Shell: SAC 2045. He is the successor of Yoko Kayabuki. He has the distinction of being Japan's first American-born prime minister, and before emigrating to Japan he was active in American politics until the age of 30. Tate is married to Akiko Otomo, the daughter of Chairman Sachio Otomo of the Tokyo Reconstruction Committee.[1][2]

Less than a month after Tate entered office in 2045, he secretly ordered Daisuke Aramaki to reestablish the disbanded Public Security Section 9 to investigate the emergence of the post-humans in cooperation with the American Empire's National Security Agency. On the surface, this move seemed to confirm what the Liberals had previously warned about, that an American-born Japanese citizen who became prime minister would only be a puppet for the American Empire.[2] In reality, Tate has embraced his adoptive home and holds an earnest desire to lead Japan on the path that will most benefit the Japanese people amid the ongoing economic disarray caused by the Synchronized Global Default. When the American Empire requested Japan's assistance in the post-human investigation in an attempt to curry Tate's favor, he opted to use Section 9 after reading the classified records of their activities obtained from the Interior Ministry. Tate is also a pragmatist, and is not afraid to sacrifice his public reputation or even risk his own safety if it provides an advantage against the post-human threat.


  • Regarding the qualifications to become prime minister of Japan, the Constitution of Japan only specifies two requirements: the prime minister must be a current member of either house of the Diet (which separately requires a minimum age of 25 and Japanese citizenship), and they must also be civilian who is not actively serving in the military. Tate acquired Japanese citizenship when he married Akiko Otomo, and thus became eligible to run for office in the Diet and subsequently be elected prime minister.


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