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Divided by a Wall is the second episode of the Ghost in the Shell: SAC_2045 anime series.


Armed by a generous patron, the Raidists attack GHOST with AI drones. Togusa accepts a new mission from Japan's peace-seeking Prime Minister.


Batou points out the obvious that their stealth entry was a bust, and Stan fires at the robot dog, alerting the targets and allowing Obsidian to escape. As Batou and Stan continue down the stairway camouflaged and deal with the targets in the garage area, Major and Ishikawa deal with the robot dog. However, the dog escapes from them and flees into the garage area, where it attacks Batou, allowing a few targets to hide inside a tank. The robot dog is then swiftly dealt with, and Major orders Tachikoma to deal with the tank; from the outside, Tachikoma busts into the garage and demands that the targets surrender. They, however, refuse to back down and use their tank's machine against the group gun to buy some time so a stealth drone could swoop in on the scene. Saito warns the group about it, and the drone shoots a missile where both a Tachikoma and Obsidian are located. Although notably dirty from the blast, Tachikoma was fine, and Saito then tried to snipe it down, but the drone dodged the shot fired at it. Lead to believe that his satellite feed was somehow hacked into, Saito warns the group about the situation, so Major and Batou fire their weapons at the tank. The drone then fires off missiles at Saito, but the Tachikoma offers backup by firing at the incoming missiles and destroying them. However, the group loses contact with Saito, and while they try and check on Saito's condition, the targets make their escape.

Because Ishikawa couldn't hack into the tank or the drone's mainframe, and the tank destroyed their ride, Major ordered Bato to fetch the Stinger and pursues the tank riding in Tachikoma. Their efforts to stop the tank and the drone prove futile, and soon Tachikoma warns Major that she's out of ammo. The tank then uses the drone to try and take down the Tachikoma; however, it uses its stealth camouflage to hide to avert its attention. Bato's group then reaches the Stinger and starts their pursuit of the tank and the drone.

Meanwhile, Aramaki is visited by Togusa, and after a brief chat about Togusa's divorce, they get straight into the matters discussed the previous day. Aramaki hands Togusa a file given to him by the recently appointed Prime Minister Chris Otomo Tate, which proposes the reformation of Section 9. Togusa then asks Aramaki why the PM would submit such a thing, and Aramaki explains that people in power always want to have ways to "flex their muscles," and Section 9 was the PM's choice. The PM's background is then briefly discussed, as is the possibility that the PM's American heritage could be a puppet for the American government. Although Aramaki can't speak on where the PM's allegiances lie, he notes that he wants the former team of Section 9 to take on a major operation. Questioned by Togusa on what kind of mission Section 9 will be undertaking. Aramaki explained that it'd be an operation where Section 9 would lay out the "groundwork" of the future and that the next generation would have to decide how to approach it. Despite his hesitance in his skill set, Togusa agrees to help and is given his first order to scout out the former Section 9 team.

Back to Major's side, Saito's Tachikoma is shown to have survived the blast, but he is in a frantic mood about whether or not Saito is alive. Major notes that the drone is equipped with four more missiles, and when Batou's group tries and take it out, the tank shifts its attention to Batou. Hence, Batou uses his missile launcher to fire at the tank that returns fire with its own. The Stinger gets destroyed in the process, and the tank goes wayside by Batou's missile. While the drone is still active, Saito is shown to be alive as he hid in the Tachikoma when the missile exploded. Major leaves the scene and offers backup support to Saito; Batou, Ishikawa, and Stand stay behind to deal with the tank's occupants. As Saito tries to get the drone to lower itself enough to get taken down, Batou's group tries and get the obstinate targets to shut off the drone. Eventually, Major manages to single handily take down the drone, and then she reconvenes with Batou's group.

The moment Major tries to interrogate the leader of the targets, the drone they took out fires its last missile at its target location. From there, special ops arrive at the scene, and a man in black orders them to drop their weapons, and Batou isn't having any of it.


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