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Emissary from the Divide is the fourth episode of the Ghost in the Shell: SAC_2045 anime series.


While researching the team's disappearance and John Smith, Togusa takes a calculated risk. The GHOST members question the true nature of their mission.


Togusa watches the feed from Tachikoma's memory about what happened to Ghost. To draw the attention of Ghost's captors, Togusa has Tachikoma upload the video feed and the location of where he's at as a way to attract their attention. While driving on the highway, Togusa's plan works and is chased by an unmarked black truck. He manages to lose the van in a parking lot, and when they follow him there, he and Tachikoma take the two pursuers out. Once they are dealt with, John appears before Togusa, and on the roof of the parking lot, they talk about Togusa's hopes to make contact with Ghost, which John refuses. However, John thanks him for allowing him access to the information related to Ghost.

Later, Togusa updates Aramaki about Ghost's affiliation with the NSA and how, through his carelessness, they figured out their identities. Kusanagi's group arrives at an airforce base and is loaded into a cargo plane. Inside of it, they're forced to put something into their necks. Back to Togusa, he rides in a Tachikoma to a brothel where the Tachikoma were trying to earn enough money to fix the damaged Tachikoma.

Meanwhile, Aramaki meets a woman named Byron and asks her for information on Ghost, but she cannot provide it as they're working for one of her agencies. To make matters worse, she cannot transfer the group to Aramaki's care after they complete the mission assigned to them as they'll be "scrubbed clean" when they complete their mission. Giving her sympathies to Aramaki, Byron claims that only the President would be able to save them from being scrubbed. With that, the two go their separate ways.

Kusanagi's group regroups with John, who casually mentions them as once being a part of Section 9 as they're put on a different plane and transported to another place. Returning to Aramaki, he meets with Prime Minister Chris Otomo Tate and informs him of the wrinkles he's encountered trying to reestablish Section 9. Understanding Aramaki's plea and reasoning, Prime Minister Chris only wants to put America in Japan's debt and for Arama to reestablish Section 9 with new members, not the old ones. However, Aramaki manages to convince Prime Minister Chris to reconsider his motive to achieve his goal; he'll have to compromise and ask the President to spare the old Section 9 crew.

After being briefed and warned about the consequences of abandoning the mission, Kusanagi's group Ghost is dropped off at their target location. Said location isn't far from where they were initially abducted, and Ishikawa informs them that the person they're rescuing is named Patrick Huge, a robotic specialist. Furthermore, he's most likely the philanthropist who armed the terrorists they encountered before. It's concluded that this mission isn't a rescue, but an abduction operation. Kusanagi has Saito stay behind while she and the rest of the group make their move and has Batou relay their location to the Tachikoma. The Tachikoma receives this and, along with Togusa, rides to Kusanagi's location.


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