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Batou confronts Kuze in an effort to stop him from leaving with the plutonium, but Kuze ends up disabling Batou's right leg and left arm, putting Batou out of commission. When Kusanagi arrives at the scene, she and the Tachikoma assigned to her destroy the other GSDA combat-suit and manage to locate Batou, who informs them of Kuze's escape. Kusanagi and her Tachikoma race after Kuze, and in the process meet up with Saito and his Tachikoma. Together, they race to the harbor in an attempt to stop the fishing trawler from leaving, but the refugees provide cover fire for Kuze, and manage to keep Section 9 at bay long enough for the trawler to escape from the harbor and make it out to sea. Unhindered, Section 9 regroups at the top of the hidden sub base to wait for the tiltrotor to arrive, but when the aircraft sets down to retrieve the team, the suicide bomber who came with Kuze manages to gain access to the tiltrotor and detonates his bomb, destroying the aircraft, killing two Operators, and seriously injuring Ishikawa. The loss of the tiltrotor removes any chance of Section 9 pursuing Kuze, so the team shifts its focus to getting medical attention for their wounded comrades. Kusanagi and the remaining Section 9 members attempt to retrieve data on the plutonium purchase by accessing Sagawa's records, only to discover that their records have been deleted. Taking all of this into account, Aramaki and Kusanagi outline a hypothesis that has the Cabinet Intelligence Service pulling the strings behind the plutonium deal, and further speculate that Kuze may not have acquired the plutonium he is after from the Russians. In the middle of this briefing, Section 9 receives word that the Coast Guard net has spotted Kuze's boat attempting to enter Dejima. The Coast Guard Cutter and the fishing trawler exchange shots, leading to a fire on Kuze's boat, but just when it seems that Kuze will be captured, Nagasaki unexpectedly suffers a massive blackout, allowing Kuze to escape from the trawler with the plutonium. However, when he inspects the case, he discovers that he had been given lead bars instead of plutonium, but hides this revelation from the refugees.

Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex 2nd GIG Episodes

1: Reactivation | 2: Well-Fed Me | 3: Saturday Night and Sunday Morning |
4: Natural Enemy | 5: Those Who Have the Motive | 6: Latent Heat Source |
7: The Rhapsodic Melody of a Bygone Nation | 8: Vegetarian Dinner |
9: The Hope Named Despair | 10: One Angry Man | 11: Kusanagi's Labyrinth |
12: To Those Without Even a Name... | 13: Face | 14: Beware the Left Eye |
15: Afternoon of the Machines | 16: The Fact of Being There | 17: Mother and Child |
18: Angel's Poem | 19: Chain Reaction of Symmetry | 20: Confusion at the North End |
21: Escape in Defeat | 22: Abandoned City | 23: The Day the Bridge Falls |
24: Aerial Bombing of Dejima | 25: To the Other Side of Paradise | 26: Return to Patriotism