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Event Boundary is the twenty-fourth episode of the Ghost in the Shell: SAC_2045 anime series.


The Section 9 crew start living their regular lives as if nothing ever happened — and the only one who finds it strange is Kusanagi.


Major briefly talks with Batou about the competition of their latest mission in the computer room and sends Ishikawa the intel on it. Ishikawa then mentions that Patrick Huge's death was ruled a suicide. Boma then entered the room in a wheelchair with Pazu beside him. Batou asks why Boma doesn't switch into a new body, whereas Boma claims he's sentimentally attached to his current one. The Chief then enters the room and relays a message from Prime Minister Tate concerning the Far East Incident; the message was a single medal and upcoming bonuses as well. While the Chief thanks everyone for their roles in averting the nuclear crisis, the Major looks uneasy, but brushes it off when asked about it. Togusa then enters the room and apologizes for his tardiness; hence Batou gives Togusa the medal, who humbly accepts it.

In the hanger area, the Tachikoma discuss the recent events of their last mission, and when Batou passes by, he acts notably cold toward them. Major considers the sources as a myriad of possibilities, one being nostalgia. Togusa then approaches Major and informs her that Takashi's mom contacted him and told him that Takashi returned home safely. Hearing this triggers the Major, causing her to get sent back to the past ten minutes. Believing she's trapped in a cognitive maze, the Major goes into Autistic mode flees the scene where she runs into the Cheif and mentions a medal and bonus the team would receive; he confirms it. Alerted by this, the Major continues forward, contemplating the possibilities occurring within a cognitive maze. The Major then looks up a file on Purin that reads she was killed in action and then reads a file on John Smith which states he's in cryogenic suspension.

Afterward, the Major headed to where John was cryogenically frozen and had him unfrozen. Upon being unfrozen, John demands to know what year it is, and the worker there answers it's 2045. After speculating possibilities of what could have happened in his frozen tenure, John un-cyber locks himself. Upon doing so, he sees the Major and tries to flee, but can't due to being freshly thawed out. However, once regaining his composure, John thanks the Major and calmly walks away with stride. Major then deduces she's not in a cognitive maze, but perhaps her mind is elsewhere.

Disengaging Autistic mode, Major awakens in a sleeping pod where rows and rows of the same pods are set up around a submarine. Soon, Major runs into Purin, who answers her questions regarding the team, the world situation, and the truth about N. It's a reality where people live out their own lives in a reality tailored to their interests. Not understanding the asinine logic behind N, Purin decides to show Takashi's reality.

Lead outside, Purin continues to explain Takashi's N, colloquially called Doublethink, which everyone was infected by soon after Togusa went missing. When the Major asks where Takashi is, Purin irks and reluctantly shows the Major where he is. Purin then leads Major to Suzuka's room, where Takashi sat on her chair attached to a multitude of wires. She explains that Takashi is putting the final tasks of N since some people haven't reached the net yet or haven't become N. Major then asks why he would go so far to accomplish everything he has done thus far. Takashi then answers that people's consciousness was on the verge of evolving and was discovered by the American Empire, and he had hoped to stall for time. He also admits that it was beyond his foresight to have been attacked by the Americans, forcing him to make it seem like the Americans defeated him. Furthermore, Takashi managed to take over all American agencies into N, all thanks to the coms used by the Major. By that, Humanity achieved a technological singularity; however, Takashi warns that if he were unplugged by Major, he'd effectively lose, and the world would revert to its former state. Purin tries to reason with the Major not to do it. Before the Major does anything, she asks why she and Purin weren't affected by Doublethink, and Takashi answers that nothing more could have been done for her and Purin didn't have a ghost. The Major then asks why Purin didn't return to Section 9, and Purin answers that it's because she felt as though she betrayed Batou. She also wanted to see the evolution of Humanity. With her questions answered, the Major goes to unplug Takashi.

In Section 9, Stan and a tearful Purin formally join Section 9. Watching from the top, the Chief is thanked by Tate for all of his hard work. Batou later meets with the Major, who confesses the next time humanity reaches an evolutionary singularity, it'll reach beyond the stars. Major also confirms that Major is leaving again, and Batou suggests a password, which Major sets as Code 1A84 and leaps into the cyber world.


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