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Aramaki calls a briefing to discuss the events surrounding the sudden appearance and murder/suicide of the members of the Individual Eleven. Techs briefing the team think that the sole survivor of the group may be using a unique face made by a face-sculptor with an artistic background. Only two known people in the area have the skill to create a face of that calibre, making Section 9's job somewhat easier. Unfortunately, when Batou and Togusa arrive to speak with their assigned face sculptor they discover that the man has already been killed by someone imitating Pazu. Section 9 sets out to clear his name, while ordering Pazu to keep a low profile until the case is solved. When a detective working the face sculptor murder turns up dead, Pazu asks to see the client list for the dead face sculptor, and happens across the name and face of an ex-lover. Pazu tracks her down and learns from the woman that after he left her for no apparent reason she became obsessed with Pazu and eventually created an exact copy of his body and face. Eventually the two get in a struggle and one dies. However, it is impossible to tell whether the surviving Pazu is the real one or not, though Batou seems convinced that the surviving one is the real one.

Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex 2nd GIG Episodes

1: Reactivation | 2: Well-Fed Me | 3: Saturday Night and Sunday Morning |
4: Natural Enemy | 5: Those Who Have the Motive | 6: Latent Heat Source |
7: The Rhapsodic Melody of a Bygone Nation | 8: Vegetarian Dinner |
9: The Hope Named Despair | 10: One Angry Man | 11: Kusanagi's Labyrinth |
12: To Those Without Even a Name... | 13: Face | 14: Beware the Left Eye |
15: Afternoon of the Machines | 16: The Fact of Being There | 17: Mother and Child |
18: Angel's Poem | 19: Chain Reaction of Symmetry | 20: Confusion at the North End |
21: Escape in Defeat | 22: Abandoned City | 23: The Day the Bridge Falls |
24: Aerial Bombing of Dejima | 25: To the Other Side of Paradise | 26: Return to Patriotism