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First Bank Robbery is the seventh episode of the Ghost in the Shell: SAC_2045 anime series.


Back in Japan after six years, Batou decides to take a break while waiting for his delayed team. Then some amateur bank robbers interrupt his fun.


Riding on a chopper, Batou and a lady by the name of Purin Ezaki talk about Batou's return to Japan, as well as its economy. Upon learning that the Major and the rest won't arrive until next week, Batou gets off the chopper to enjoy himself, much to Purin's dismay.

Batou goes to a bank and witnesses an older man having trouble entering the bank due to its need for a Password ID and Pin. In the bank, Batou witnesses an old lady withdrawing from her account, only to be heavily reduced due to taking it in paper currency rather than cyber. As Batou tries to console the old lady, the lights to the bank switch off, and a couple of nervous bank robbers take control of the scene. They have everyone in the bank to leave, aside from Batou and the old lady who hides behind a pillar. Batou then incapacitates the two robbers and learns that they're older men when they're unmasked. An old security guard from earlier arrives armed with a shotgun, and instead of helping Batou, he takes the old lady hostage and has the men continue their robbery. It's learned from the guard that he had worked there for thirty years. The only reason he's continued there is his prosthetic leg, which earns the bank a large subsidy from the government. Besides that, he and the branch manager are the only humans working there. The Branch Manager takes Thursdays off for a weekly "personal meeting".

After chuckling at the amusing act of the two robbers trying to open a safe, Batou is forced by the guard to open it for them. However, Batou warns them that if the robbers try to use the paper currency, they'll be tracked by the serial numbers on the bills and arrested in no time. The robbers call the guard by his real name Nashida to ask him if it's true, and he confirms it and claims that he wants to get back at the Branch Head. In a twist, the old lady tackles Nashida to the ground and points his shotgun at him. She then demands that Batou help the robbers with stealing the money. The lights return on, and the old lady isn't backing down as the cops surround the area.

Outside, a team of cops surround the area; soon, Batou appears with a pouch tied around his neck. He then relays the message given to him by the robbers and warns the cops that the satchel around his neck is a bomb. In the Sec 9 hanger, the Tachikoma learn about the bank robbery Batou is involved in, and soon Purin is as well. Back to Batou, he informs the number of hostages before leaving to the cops. The robbers and the old lady, now pretending to be tied up, listen to the old lady's back story of her husband, a Russian Literature Teacher at a university. Even when he got sick, he continued to work until his death and would give his savings to his wife. Entering the scene, Batou gives them the clear, and they all learn that the old lady doesn't have much time of her own and sought to get euthanasia treatment in Switzerland. The procedure costs three million yen; now, what she has isn't enough to cover the expenses. One of the robbers blames it on the Global Simultaneous Default, which the lady didn't know about, and it caused great trouble for their lives as they can't afford things for their children.

Confessing that he's a cop, Batou then learns that the Branch Manager Takao Ochi swindled Nishida for converting his money into crypto-currency. Hence, Batou helps the robbers, but asks for seed money so he can put his plan into action. The old lady offers her money; instead, Batou offers his earnings. He then has the old group purchase cryptocurrency from American QWE and quickly sells it. After this, the police enter the scene, and Batou and the old group feign being tied up and claim that the robbers made a getaway with the bomb. Eventually, the older men enjoy a drink about their financial success, and Takao is arrested for his crimes.

Meanwhile, the old lady Kaede decides not to go to Switzerland yet and to enjoy her life a little longer. Also there, Batou meets with Pazu, Boma, Ishikawa, and Major.


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