Track listingEdit

Disk 1
No. Title Length
1. "M01 Chant I - Making of Cyborg" 4:31
2. "M02 Ghosthack" 5:16
3. "EXM Puppetmaster" 4:23
4. "M04 Virtual Crime" 2:44
5. "M05 Chant II - Ghost City" 3:37
6. "M06 Access" 3:18
7. "M07 Nightstalker" 1:47
8. "M08 Floating Museum" 5:07
9. "M09 Ghostdive" 5:55
10. "M10 Chant III - Reincarnation" 5:47
11. "See You Everyday" 3:26

"See You Everyday" is different from the rest of the soundtrack, being a pop song sung in Cantonese by Fang Ka Wing. It can be faintly heard playing in the marketplace scene, when Batou is hunting the ghost-hacked puppet.

Choral songEdit

According to the soundtrack's liner notes, the haunting choral song that plays throughout the film is a wedding song, sung to get rid of all evil influences that are about to follow. The lyrics of the song itself seems to reflect the union between Kusanagi and Project 2501 which takes place towards the end of the movie. Kenji Kawai originally wanted to use Bulgarian folk singers, but was unable to find any, so he relied on the Japanese folk song choir he used earlier in the Ranma 1/2 anime. The song uses an ancient form of the Japanese language mixed with Bulgarian harmony and traditional Japanese notes.