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Ghost in the Shell, a Japanese Manga and Anime franchise created by the manga artist Masamune Shirow, and filmmakers Mamoru Oshii and Kenji Kamiyama.

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Featured Episode: Kusanagi's Labyrinth – AFFECTION


Batou and Togusa test eight potential new recruits for Section 9. Each man is paired off to create four different teams, and each team is tasked with tracking the Major. However, the Major proves to be a difficult target to track, and eventually she loses all four teams attempting to track her. Shortly after losing the last team, Kusanagi unexpectedly loses all communication and finds herself lost in a seemingly empty part of the city. While trying to locate her team, she happens across a shop that stores people's external memories, and learns of the story of two child cyberbodies carefully preserved in the shop. The bodies once belong to a boy and a girl who were involved in a terrible plane crash, and eventually the two children became the only survivors of the wreck. While the boy was in the hospital he learned that he was paralyzed, except for his left hand, which he used to make origami cranes non-stop for the girl. One day, the girl, who had been in a coma since arriving in the hospital, unexpectedly went downhill fast, and was moved to the OR. The boy believed that she had died, but two years later she was brought to the hospital alive and well in an effort to convince the boy to switch to a full cyborg body, after previous attempts by a relative and doctor had failed. The boy was reluctant to do so at first because the girl had difficulty with the fine movement skills of her new body, but he eventually relented and went full-cyborg. Years later the boy, who had been searching for the girl since he left the hospital, happened across her child issue cyborg body in a lab and took it upon himself to preserve it. When Kusanagi inquires as to the current whereabouts of the boy, she learns that he was shipped out in the last days of the war, and has not been heard from since. Before Kusanagi leaves, she carefully folds a sugar cube wrapper into an origami crane and places it in the car beside the boy, saying "I'll bet that even now...that girl is still searching for the first boy she ever loved."

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