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Ghost in the Shell, a Japanese Manga and Anime franchise created by the manga artist Masamune Shirow, and filmmakers Mamoru Oshii and Kenji Kamiyama.

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Featured Episode: The Day the Bridge Falls – MARTIAL LAW


Prime Minister Kayabuki meets with her cabinet to discuss the Fukuoka nuclear bomb incident, but the cabinet has already decided to deploy the army to retrieve the remaining plutonium supposedly hidden on Dejima Island. Reluctantly, Kayabuki agrees to the plan, and returns to her office to report the decision to Aramaki. After mulling over the available options, Aramaki suggests that the PM put in a request to the United Nations and ask for the dispatch of their nuclear inspectors to Dejima to collect the plutonium. The PM agrees, and instructs the Chief Cabinet Secretary to make the announcement in the press room. The unexpected UN involvement catches the man off guard; to protect his own interests, he asks an aide to begin the process to remove the PM. The cleverly timed announcement made by the PM ruins the Chief Cabinet Secretary's plan for a military invasion of Dejima, as it will take UN inspectors 48 hours to arrive in Japan. Despite this, the Japanese Ground Self-Defense Army and Japanese Maritime Self-Defense Force are ordered to surround Dejima. Elsewhere, Section 9 has transferred the plutonium from the bomb in Fukuoka to one of their own undercover trucks, and have started moving the material to SPring-8, but while en route to the facility, the team discovers that they have been cut off from the Chief. In the absence of his instructions, Kusanagi assumes command of all Section 9 members, and abruptly changes their plan: Rather than move the plutonium to SPring-8, Section 9 will take it into Dejima and capture Kuze so that they can hand them both over to the UN. The team agrees, and the plan is put into motion, but before infiltrating Dejima, a single Tachikoma containing a sample of the plutonium is dispatched to Ishikawa, who has volunteered to take the sample to SPring-8. Using the SDA mobilization as a cover, Section 9 captures a military transport chopper and head for Dejima to put their plan into action. Meanwhile, the refugees are becoming anxious; the military has blockaded Dejima and the two sides face each other down from opposite sides of the bridge that leads into Dejima. Thanks to a last-second Internet message from Kusanagi, Kuze realizes that the Japanese Army is coming, but before he can do anything about it, the refugees' connection to Kuze's cyberbrain hub is cut off by Goda's communications jamming. Out on the bridge barricade, a trigger-happy refugee sniper breaks with instructions not to fire and kills a GSDA soldier, triggering a gunfight between the barricading refugees and the JGSDF.
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