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Gift from God is the fifth episode of the Ghost in the Shell: SAC_2045 anime series.


Aramaki sets off after Kusanagi in a race against time. GHOST begin their assignment, but Huge's cybernetic security forces them to alter their plans.


Aramaki arrives at an airport where he receives a letter of authorization from a representative of the Prime Minster Tate. The letter allows him to make contact with the Section 9 and will be transported there by a personal aircraft.

Ishikawa sends a surveillance bug to Patrick Huge's mansion, and the first thing they find is his wife's corpse that's been dead for at least two months. Despite Stan questioning if their target is still there or even alive, Major assures them that he's still in there since the NSA wouldn't have them do all of this work for nothing. Because drone sensors were spread across the mansion, Ishikawa's bug drone could not go any further without being spotted. Major ultimately decides they'll wait until dawn to make their move against Huge.

Eventually, under stealth camouflage, the group infiltrates the mansion while trying to avoid the sight of the robot dogs. As that went on, the Tachikoma and Togasu make their way closer to Major's group. Inside the mansion, the team splits up into two groups: Major and Batou take the downstairs while Ishikawa and Stan take the upper floor. Soon, Ishikawa finds information regarding Huge and relays it to Major about Huge liquidating his company assets, and he's staying in his mansion because he's yet to sell it off. To transfer the immense amount of money, he'll make by selling off his company assets. Huge set up a program to take care of the money transfer after his apparent death from the missile attack.

Moments later, the two groups make contact with Huge, and Stan gets cyber-locked. Restrained by Ishikawa, three robotic maids go on the offensive, and while two are defeated, Ishikawa struggles to hold one of them off. On the other hand, Major tries to deal with Huge, who manages to hold off against her. Outside, Saito notices that the robot dogs are starting to become active while Togusa and the Tachikoma make their way to their location. Major continues her fight against Huge, manages to break and mangle his left hand and then restrain him, only for the robot dogs to compromise the situation. Once the dogs are dealt with, Major's team chases after a nude Huge, who backflips himself out of the scene and into a clothes closet. From there, Huge gets into an Armored Suit and uses it to assault Major's group.

The fight is taken outside; Saito takes a shot at the mech's left knee with his sniper rifle. However, it only temporarily incapacitates it because of its reactive armor capabilities. It sends out a pack of robot dogs, and Saito is forced to fight against them, but at that same time, the Tachikoma spot Saito in trouble and divert their tracks to help him. Meanwhile, Major tries to cyber dive into Huge's armor but is knocked to the ground. Before Major was stepped on, Tachikoma, piloted by Togusa, arrived and saved her from being stomped on by it. Taking a risk, Major has the group disengage from their Autistic Modes and has Batou attack the armor with a wide array of malware, and once restrained by the Tachikoma, Saito blows its left knee off. Finally out of commission, Major has Ishikawa open the hatch to the armor, and Major cyber locks and brain dive into Huge. Within there, she nearly gets hacked by an external force and has Saito blow Huge's head off.

Immediately, Delta Force Cyber Squad members surround the group, and John and before he could execute the group, his superior Ada Byron aborts the operation. Although John tries to contest the order as it's beyond her authority, Byron claims it's not beyond someone else's. At that moment, Aramaki arrives on a private airplane.


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