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Hanka Precision Instruments is a major manufacturer of AI robots. They manufacture a variety of different models from defense to waitpersons.

Recently, they were caught in a scandal where they were dubbing the ghosts of children into a robot known as the Tomliand Prototype to achieve a greater sense of human personality. When these robots started going berserk, their plot was found out and their president was arrested. Hanka is still in business but their profits have severely dropped. It is uncertain if they will make it through the next five years. Another corporation, Locus-Solus, would attempt the same process later. The result was more successful, and the side effects and the eventual backlash more severe.

Ghost in the Shell (2017)[]

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In the live-action adaptation, the company is known as Hanka Robotics, the world's leading developer of augmentative technology. At the end of the film, Hanka Robotics was disbanded for its crimes.