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How to Build an Independent Nation is the eighteenth episode of the Ghost in the Shell: SAC_2045 anime series.


After hearing from Togusa, Batou and the others head to Tokyo. In Fukuoka, the Major learns that a posthuman has hijacked a nuclear submarine.


A submerged submarine gets infiltrated by Suzuka who 3-D printed herself onboard and kills a couple of chefs and soldiers.

Meanwhile, in Shin-Tokyo, Batou and Ishikawa run into Major and inform her about Togusa's possible whereabouts. The Major then claims that coincidentally, three million people have gathered in Tokyo and are expected to launch a raid. However, she orders the two to get Togusa back, and Saito accompanies them.

Inside the Section 9 helicopter, Batou, Ishikawa, Saito, and six [[Tachikoma] ride it to Togusa's location. The man in question wakes up beside the tobacco shop and walks around the area. Unable to connect to a stable signal, Togusa soon reaches the part of the area where armed people roam around food stalls. Spotting a familiar face of a girl connected to Takashi in the crowd; however, only he can see her. Togusa asks them a few questions and is sequentially labeled a "Like-N", which causes a scene. Pulled by the girl connected to Takashi, she warns Togusa that if they don't outrun the crowd, he'll be taken to Room 101.

The Major visits the Chief to report that Batou and others are out to retrieve Togusa. Prime Minister Tate then informs Chief that two days ago, an American Empire submarine called the "Arkansas" was stolen by a Post-human. However, Major deduces that it's not a Post-human, but an android that looks like Suzuka Mizukane; Tate confirms this and notes that it's autonomous and was 3-D Printed. He also details that the images they received arrived an hour ago. Major then asks if any demands were made, and Tate shows a zip file connected to one of the images. Major unlocks it, reads the message that mentions "N", and connects it to the three million people in Shin-Tokyo. Tate believes it's a formal declaration of war and orders that Suzuka is apprehended at all costs.

Once Batou's group reaches their destination, Saito claims his net access is down, and Ishikawa claims it's not a jamming system. Elsewhere, Togusa continues running with the girl and spots Bato's helicopter flying above him. Batou and Saito land on the ground, each riding a Tachikoma, and are accompanied by a spare Tachikoma. At the same time, Ishikawa flies off, shouting he'll return the following day at dawn.

Batou investigates the inside of the Tobacco Shop and finds it empty, and Saito then finds a footprint matching Togusa's. An army van with some armed people riding in the back, and Batou and Saito decide to head where they're going.

Togusa stops to take a breather from running away from the pursuers and learns the girl who helped him was named Kanami. Spotting their pursuers on their tail again, Konami points at a specific location in the city and tells Togusa that they need to head there to be safe. When the pursuers catch up with Togusa, Kanami jumps off the ledge, and Togusa reluctantly follows.

Meanwhile, the Tachikoma infiltrate the city in stealth. When they assess the situation in the area, they overhear that someone matching Togusa's description is heading for the center of the city. The Tachikoma then followed the group of people pursuing Togusa.

Back to Togusa, who tried to keep up with the brisk and acrobatically adroit Kanami until finally catching up to her; she leaps across a ledge with ease, and when Togusa tries to do it, he falls, but is caught by a Tachikoma. Then Togusa sees that the people pursuing him are gone, and they head out of there, all while Takashi watches the entire thing pan out from afar.

At a safe location, Togusa informs Batou and Saito of what he learned after he separated from the group and Batou along with Saito, vice-versa. Elsewhere, Major learns from Ishikawa about the net being jammed in the area and notes her determination to capture Suzuka. Back in Shin-Tokyo, Batou spots an American plan to drop off some SOCOM soldiers aimed to land by Takashi and Suzuka. Saito then informs the group to turn off their laser sights as Takashi has spotted them, and Batou decides to scope out the drop-off point. Simultaneously, a swarm of glider planes takes down the American ship.


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