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I've Awoken is the fourteenth episode of the Ghost in the Shell: SAC_2045 anime series.


US special operations forces join the Section 9 team in their fight against a relentless posthuman named Suzuka Mizukane.


With Suzuka on their tail, Major and the others retreat backward in their van down the highway as Purin stays behind because she's been hacked.

Meanwhile, Ishikawa loads the Tachikoma onto the cargo helicopter and informs the Chief about the situation, who then informs Prime Minister Tate it. Tate then claims that SOCOM Two is also interested in apprehending Philip, thanks to a request by the NSA, which unsurprisingly, was orchestrated by John Smith. This means that John was behind the assassination attempt on Philip all along. Noting that things have become far more complicated, Ishikawa, now accompanied by Saito and Boma, takes the helicopter off to the Major's location.

Back to the Major's side, they dodge bullets being fired from them by Suzuka until a tollway prevents them from progressing backward any further. Because of this, they ram into Suzuka's, causing both vehicles to be totaled. After a brief shoot-off with Suzuka, Major's group managed to disarm Suzuka.

Elsewhere, Purin has a few Tachikoma dropped off by Ishikawa's helicopter and rides on one of them to the Major's location to fight Suzuka again, claiming she has a trick up her sleeve.

Returning to the Major's side, the cars around the area automatically drive on their own, causing mass confusion as the Major's group tries to dodge all of them. Pazu had the most trouble keeping Philip safe from them and gets in a pinch when Suzuka gets her hands on him. He briefly tries to fight Suzuka, but when he's unable to handle her, the Major steps in and takes it from there, only to briefly lose her weapon to Suzuka. In the fight that ensues, Major and Pazu struggle against fighting Suzuka until the Tachikoma arrives. Purin also warns them that the enemy SOCOM Team then coordinates a delta attacks against Suzuka using the Tachikoma. However, Suzuka manages to escape the highway area they're at, but the Tachikoma pursue her.

Ishikawa then arrives at the scene and warns the Major about the SOCOM Team, and the Major then catches a stealth fighter jet, dropping off two fully armed cyborgs in stealth mode. Using flares to narrow their pathway, both Batou and Major switch to stealth mode and then try to lure out the SOCOM cyborgs.

Suzuka leaps from tall building to tall building as she's continued to be pursued by the Tachikoma, one of who managed to injure her right thigh with a bullet. When reaching a dead end, Purin demands that she surrender as her nose starts to bleed, and a now belabored Suzuka's nose also starts to bleed.

Back on the highway, the Major and Batou manage to take out one of the SOCOM soldiers due to the highway toll malfunctioning. On the other hand, the other SOCOM solider manages to take down Batou, but Saito manages to snipe the other one successfully, and the Major cyber locks him.

On Purin's side, Suzuka hacks into a passenger plane and directs its position to crash land at their location. However, Purin seems to override the hack and divert the plane's landing allowing it to fly away from its position. Although Purin prevented the plane from crash landing, Suzuka managed to escape.

On the Major's side, the plane that nearly crashed on Purin's location flies by them, and the Major claims that Purin stopped Suzuka from crashing into them. Major then demands Philip reveal what he has about the Post-humans, and after he does, he's taken away by Pazu and Boma.

At Tate's mansion, Tate laments the current situation regarding how up against it they are with the Americans. The Chief agrees, but claims it's vital that the spies are dealt with.


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