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Idolatry 偶像崇拝Gūzō Sūhai

Season #

1 (SAC)

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November 12, 2002


December 19, 2004

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The Copycat will Dance


The Fortunate Ones

Episode Type
Stand Alone episode

Stand Alone episodeThis episode takes place independently of the main plot. This is the fourth stand-alone episode of the season and the seventh episode overall.


It has come to the attention of the Minister of Home Affairs that Jenoma revolutionary leader Marcelo Jarti has been visiting Japan regularly every five months. Jarti is one of the world’s foremost wanted men, and has been targeted for assassination by commandos of the United States Delta Force and United Kingdom Special Air Service (SAS) a total of six times; miraculously, he has survived each of these attempts. When Jarti returns to Japan following the most recently failed assassination attempt Section 9 is called in to trail him and determine why Jarti has been visiting their country. It turns out that Jarti is not just a single individual, but actually an army of cybernetic clones. Section 9 captures the facility the clones are being kept in, but purposely allow release of a Jarti clone in order to maintain the global status quo.