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Latent Heat Source

Latent Heat Source 潜在熱源Senzai Netsugen

Season #

2 (2nd GIG)

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Transcript:Latent Heat Source

Air Dates


March 6, 2004


January 7, 2006

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Those Who Have the Motive


The Rhapsodic Melody of a Bygone Nation

Episode Type

This is a Dividual episode.

This is a Dividual episode. This is a stand-alone episode that is not strongly tied with the other story-lines. This is the fourth Dividual episode and the sixth episode of the season.


The prime suspect behind an attempt to blackmail the Ministry of Energy has turned up dead in Nihima City, ostensibly the victim of a tragic accident; however a more thorough examination of the body turns up evidence of homicide. Togusa follows up on the death of the suspect, and obtains "photographic evidence" which the man had intended to use against the Ministry of Energy; however the film piece has been exposed to light, and subsequently turned completely black. With most members of Section 9 still assigned to guarding the Prime Minister, Togusa is assigned a Tachikoma and sent to the Shijuku Refugee District of New Tokyo to investigate the photo lead. After an accidental encounter with the dead man's fiancée the two of them decide to investigate the death together. They learn that the man, named Kontan Kanji, had accepted a mysterious job in exchange for the promise of a new cyber body, and had been put to work descaling the walls of a subterranean structure in the Uchikon 7 district, which was submerged in the last war. Although the Ground Self Defense Army (GSDA) is now guarding the primary entrance to the site Togusa and Kanji's fiancée managed to find an alternate route into the facility. After descending into the heart of the building, Togusa discovers that the building is in reality an old nuclear power plant and the "photographic evidence" was not a photo but a radiation badge. Someone has authorized the excavation of this pre-war relic but their identity remains unknown. They flee the scene and manage to contact Section 9, where a formal investigation into the facility is started. However, when he tries to contact her, Togusa discovers that Kanji's fiancée has disappeared.