A Logikoma (Autonomous-follower Logistics System / Logistics Conveyor Machine) is a walker tank featured in Ghost in the Shell: Arise, and Ghost in the Shell: The New Movie

Design Edit

The Logikoma resembles other spider tanks used by Section 9. Logikomas feature 4 legs capable of highway speed using wheels, a spherical optic unit, frontal manipulators and Spiderman-like rope launchers.

"It might be better if we could ride inside this thing. This is a crappy mode of transportation." - Batou, Ghost Stands Alone
Unlike the other spider tanks, the Fuchikoma and Tachikoma, the Logikoma does not have a crew compartment, instead it has a rear-mounted storage bay used for handheld munitions storage by Motoko.

Batou, who usually has a affinity for spider tanks and their AI's, dislikes this model for its lack of combat features, crew compartment and armour - a nod to the other Ghost in the Shell series. Togusa reveals its main purpose as a logistics unit, not a combat unit.

An improved Logikoma is seen in the final fight scene of Ghost In The Shell: The New Movie; the 2015 sequel to Arise. This Logikoma has an increased number of weapons, and a makeshift pilot capsule. Later in the same film, a new batch of Logikomas are seen with purpose-built pilot capsules and improved armament, making them functionally similar to Tachikomas.

Appearances Edit

The Logikoma is featured in Ghost in the Shell: Arise where a Logikoma from Section 9 is assigned to Motoko as a bodyguard before she starts constructing her spec-ops team. Motoko is surprised at how old the Logikoma is when on first encountering it, when the Logikoma attempts to use two signal lamps to communicate with her. More Logikomas later appear in the series and are often used by Section 9.

It is revealed later in the series that Section 9 use these outdated models of spider tanks, as Aramaki does not have the budget to procure newer ones.


Logikomas, sporting new armament and pilot capsules at the very end of Ghost in the Shell: The New Movie

Towards the end of the 2015 film sequel, Togusa is seen piloting the customised Logikoma, with pilot capsule and improved armament.

At the very end of The New Movie, Motoko has access to at least 7 Logikomas manufactured with colour-matching pilot capsules and noticeably improved weaponry.