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MIA is the third episode of the Ghost in the Shell: SAC_2045 anime series.


As Togusa dives into cyberspace to track his former team members, the group is detained by a mysterious American organization seeking to employ them.


Major tries to claim that the terrorists were the ones that launched the missile that hit Gate City. Still, the head agent tells them they'll have the opportunity to explain themselves later. Brain Diving with Ishikawa, Batou notes that their ambushers are a Delta Force Cyber Squad and Ishikawa notes the high-end weapons they're using. Left with no room for negotiation, the Major figures the ambush was a trap set up by the leader of the ambushers and surrenders them all. However, she orders her Tochikoma to go invisible and lie low in the buffer zone.

Elsewhere, Togusa returns to his detective office and uses a device to enter the Dark Web to search for a South-American mercenary group known as Ghost. From his search, Togusa watches a video feed of a group of four masked men who seek revenge against "Ghost" and learns they're currently under a PMC. One of the men leaves the room, and Togusa ambushes him to steal his appearance and return to the room. There asks why the group is hesitant to retaliate against them when they're now contracted with a private company. One of the answers is that the mercenary group is affiliated with a group called "Obsidian". Unaware of the group or their reputation, Togusa asks about them and learns they're a syndicate with such an excellent reputation. If anyone touches them, they won't get away with it, so nobody touches them, which is common knowledge. Although Togusa plays it off as a simple reminder, the other men draw their weapons, and immediately his connection is cut off. Eventually, Togusa reports all of his findings about 's new merc group "Ghost," which is now working for the organization Obsidian to Armaki. Ultimately, Tousa decides to head to the Obsidian HQ located in Southern California in an attempt to get in contact with 's group.

Meanwhile, Kusagi's group is en route somewhere, and Batou notes his suspicion that their informant, Obsidian, may have been a double agent. The leader of their ambushers then enters the scene and introduces himself as John Smith an agent of the American Goverment. He enlists the group for a particular mission to rescue an unknown individual and leaves it at that, leaving Batou furious at their circumstances.

Back on the grounds, the Tachikoma found the damaged Tachikoma done by the drone missile strike in some rubble. Before they're able to rescue their friend, a couple of Delta Force Cyber Squad appear on the scene forcing the Tachikoma to go invisible. The Delta Force Cyber Squad members pay no mind to the damaged Tachikoma and leave the scene leaving the other two Tachikoma to figure out what they'll do.

In LA, Togusa relays to Aramaki that he's arrived in LA and learned some things about Obsidian. Aramaki claims that Obsidian favors mercenary groups and asks Togusa to keep him posted. Driving in the "Manual" car he rented, Togusa reaches the Obsidian HQ. After asking to see the building's leader while mentioning "Ghost", the receptionist leads Togusa to their office, where he's held at gunpoint by him. Being able to prove that he was once a former member of Ghost, the Obsidian leader informs Togusa that the Ghost team had sadly disappeared.

The team in question is forced to partake in several virtual mission op scenarios, each with a different situation tailored to or not to their skill set. As they discuss the identity and background of their employer John, he, along with a couple of associates, watches them and discusses their new employees' backgrounds.

Returning to Togusa, he drives through the town Ghost once resupplied in while he notifies Aramaki of what new information he obtained from Obsidian. In his search of the town that Ghost was in, Togusa accessed the cyber brain of the person Ghost purchased their supplies from to get information on Ghost. Finding the last known whereabouts of the group, Togusa makes contact with one of the Tachikoma.


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