Also known as Nanites, the technology around microscopic machines changed the world forever. Huge advances in science and industry occurred because of MicroMachines. Many diseases became extinct. Food problems ceased being an issue. The original breakthrough—its time and patent ownership—fell into the annals of history, somewhat forgotten. Now, almost all major corporations have branches dealing with MicroMachines…at least those who are not totally dependent on that technology. It can be joked that MicroMachines are more abundant on the planet than insects. At first, they were designed to cure genetic defects in animals. This later evolved when cybernetics became more than just a supplementary technology. Nanotechnology allowed perfect grafting of circuitry into the organic, opening the doorway to a ever expanding highway of cybernetics, leading all the way to the full prosthetic bodies available today. None of the cybernetics on the planet (from replacement limbs to cyberbrains to full cyborgs) would be possible without MicroMachines. All robots (big and small) owe their existence to them. They cured virtually all disease, ended hunger, and even destroyed the pollution clouding the biggest cities (although the inhalation themselves did offer a temporary risk to certain sensitive lungs). MicroMachines removed the radiation from destroyed areas.

When philosophers talk about the age-old legends of the Philosopher’s Stone or the Fountain of Youth, they all agree mankind found it.

MicroMachine measure 1/1000000 of a millimeter. Micro Machines can root themselves so much in a subject’s brain, they can never be removed. Ones that die simply take up space. Not even inserting more MMs can remove the dead ones safely without damaging the brain cells around them. This is considered not a problem given the size of MM in accordance to the brain around them…sometimes its just better to leave them there.

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