Complimenting Shirow's Manga and the mass appeal of the TV series and films, there are also a number of Novels based in the Ghost in the Shell Universe.

To date there are 4 novels; After the last goodbye which precedes innocence, and a series of 3 books that follow the Stand Alone Complex storyline.

After the Long GoodbyeEdit

After the Long Goodbye is a cyberpunk novel by Masaki Yamada. It is based in the Ghost in the Shell universe, taking place just before Innocence. The novel is told from Batou's perspective and surrounds his search for his dog Gabriel (Gabu).

The Stand Alone Complex SeriesEdit

Accompanying the Stand Alone Complex Series TV series are 3 novels by Junichi Fujisaku.

The Lost MemoryEdit

The plot of The Lost Memory revolves around a series of unrelated crimes labeled as the "Good Morning Terrorists", youths who suddenly go and commit violent acts while mentioning some unidentified injustice.

Revenge of the Cold MachinesEdit

Revenge of the Cold Machines novels have a focus on some of the more machine elements of the story. There are three separate yet interconnected stories.

Story One, Double Targets, wherein Aramaki is marked for Assassination and it's up to Section 9 to stop the killer.

Story Two, First Love, Last Love, tells the tale of a Tachikoma and its adventures with a female Traffic Cop who unluckily got in its way.

Story Three, Revenge of the Cold Machines, tells the tale of a Cyber Parts Manufacturer and his past coming back to haunt him.

White MazeEdit

White Maze follows the story of how several bodies are discovered with marks on their necks with their blood drained, causing the public to believe that vampires are really on the loose in Japan. Section 9 thinks otherwise when investigations reveal that it had to do with the Japanese Ground Self-Defense Forces and their attempted plans to conduct cyberbrain warfare.