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On his way home from work Togusa becomes involved in a domestic dispute between Yukari Shizuno and her boyfriend when the lady suddenly trips in front of Togusa's car and screams for help. In an effort to protect the woman Togusa fires several rounds into the man's prosthetic limbs in an effort to disable him; despite this, Togusa fails to prevent the young lady's death. Since Togusa carried out the shooting while off-duty, a preliminary hearing is convened to ascertain the facts in the case. The suspect's parents hire a well-known lawyer to defend their son, and the man wastes no time attempting to make Togusa look bad, first by criticizing his choice of handgun and then by claiming that Togusa acted out of a subconscious hatred for cyborgs, and that the defendant suffered from defective prosthetic parts. When Section 9 sets out to clear his name they stumble across some interesting information about the suspect's lawyer, which Kusanagi reveals in court. The unexpected disclosure of compromising evidence against the defense prompts the lawyer to drop his charges against Togusa, while the state formally brings murder charges against the suspect. However, the lawyer and his client later die in a car crash: the episode implies that Section 9 caused the deaths. It's probable that the title of the episode is a tribute to the famous courtroom drama, Twelve Angry Men.

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