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Pazu (パズ) is an investigator in Public Security Section 9. Before joining Section 9, Pazu was rumored by various police circles to have been a gangster in several yakuza groups in Japan. Pazu is the backup "jack-of-all-trades" for the field agents and is also a known chain smoker within the unit. Upon his first encounter with the Major, he remarked, "I never sleep with the same woman twice." He uses a folding knife in combat.

Kaori KawashimaEdit

In SAC 2nd GIG episode Face, Pazu encounters an ex-lover scorned (Kaori Kawashima) who had adopted a body that was identical to his own down to the smallest detail. A knife fight ensues, and one "Pazu" is killed through the eye. It isn't made clear whether or not the victim was the real Pazu or the imposter (Kaori), as they both have cuts across their torsos, and the surviving "Pazu" says nothing.


  • Pazu is the only original member of Section 9 to not appear in the 2017 film Ghost in the Shell. His character is replaced by Ladriya.



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