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Pazu (パズ) is a minor character in Ghost in The Shell, and a supporting character in Stand Alone Complex. An investigator in Public Security Section 9, Pazu is known as the dirty cop of the team. Before joining Section 9, he was rumored by various police circles to have been a gangster in several yakuza groups in Japan. Pazu is the backup "jack-of-all-trades" for the field agents and is also a known chain smoker within the unit. He is usually seen working with bomb specialist Boomer/Boma. Pazu is notably known as a womanizer, as during his first encounter with the Major, he remarked, "I never sleep with the same woman twice." He is an adept folding-knife combatant and street fighter.

In Stand Alone Complex[]


Pazu appears in the first episode of Stand Alone Complex. He assists Boma and Batou in arresting the hacker who was tracking Section 9's activities. During the Laughing Man investigation and the Individual Eleven case, he plays a supportive, but discreet role by investigating "under the table".

Face: Make-Up[]

In SAC 2nd GIG episode Face, Section 9 investigates the mysterious cyborg fugitive Hideo Kuze. Through a prosthetic face sculptor, Pazu coincidentally encounters a vengeful ex-lover named Kaori Kawashima, who had adopted a body that was identical to his own down to the smallest detail. Angry that Pazu has left her after sleeping with her twice, Kaori was determined to find him again, only to realize that it was impossible due to her ex's job as a dirty cop. Obsessed to become one with him, Kawashima has turned into a twisted individual, who had gone ways to kill all until Pazu is one and only. Her insanity leads her to terminate the real Pazu himself, so she can take the identity for herself. After realizing that this is a matter of personal life, Pazu gains permission from the Major to end this case alone. He lets Kaori track him down and after a failed exchange of words, a knife fight ensues, and one "Pazu" is killed through a stab in the eye. It isn't made clear whether or not the victim was the real Pazu or Kaori, as they both have cuts across their torsos, and the surviving one says nothing.

Aftermath of the duel[]

Batou and Motoko later discuss the autopsy of Pazu's body. Motoko openly wonders if the surviving Pazu was the original or not, to which Batou replies,"Possibly".

From this point, Pazu stays with Borma and Saito and keeps supporting the team up to the final act of the Refugee Revolution.

Personality and traits[]

A cold, silent, and dissociated lone wolf, Pazu is as murderous as he is unpredictable. He knows every dirty trick possible, and isn't afraid to use them. It is unknown why he became a police investigator, but his loyalty with his friends is unquestioned. He seems to have a relatively good relationship with Boma and Batou off-duty. Due to his charming manners, his sexual life is evidently wild, and it involves many women. Whether he had sex with the Major or not is never revealed, despite him proclaiming his one-rule to her during their first meeting.


  • Pazu is the only original member of Section 9 to not appear in the 2017 film Ghost in the Shell. His character is replaced by Ladriya.



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