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Purin Ezaki (江崎プリン Ezaki Purin) is the newest recruit of Public Security Section 9 in Ghost in the Shell: SAC_2045. She is a certified genius with a doctorate from MIT, and is placed in charge of Tachikoma maintenance after Section 9 is formally reinstated in 2045 to investigate the post-human phenomenon. She is known to have a peculiar attraction towards Batou, which is later expanded in the second season.


Purin is an accomplished genius with a doctorate from MIT. However, aside her intellect, not much is known about herself. She has a curious mania with Batou, which is later explained in season 2.



Purin is a young girl with short pink hair and light-purple eyes, who also wears glasses. Her leggings are purple and her boots, reaching over her ankles, are black. On special occasions, she would wear the red Section 9 technician uniform.


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