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Quantized Gospel is the sixth episode of the Ghost in the Shell: SAC_2045 anime series.


Following the Section 9 reunion, Kusanagi and her colleagues learn about the "post-humans", a previously unknown threat to humanity.


Moments after arriving at Huge's mansion, Aramaki hands John an executive order to stand down. With that, John orders his team to retrieve Patrick and his wife's bodies so they can be analyzed later. Once that was settled, Aramaki approaches Major to inform her of something she knows she won't like. Later, Major says goodbye to Standard who had false memories implanted into him related to fairy tales. She then tells Batou that she encrypted his actual pay and memories in a password so they can use his help again in the future.

Meeting with John again, Major demands answers surrounding Huges. At first, John doesn't quite answer their question but politely concedes, giving more information while hinting that there's more like Huge in the world. After stopping Batou from getting too aggressive against John, Armaki asks that he answer what exactly they're up against in more detail. The targets have super brains and were the culprits behind the Global Simultaneous Default. Although rumors had that the G4 was behind it, that was an opinion of the public. Asking for the name of these targets, John answers Major's question saying they've been labeled as Post-human.

Later, the team rides on a chopper and briefly chats with Togusa about how he was able to track them all. Arriving at an undisclosed base, they confiscate their weapons and then are told to turn off their cyber brains. From there, they're led to an underground basement, where they're all led to a room full of scientists overseeing Post-human with a damaged brain. The team's arrival has the Post-human try to communicate with them using cryptic symbols. Furthermore, John details that as a nurse without a Cyberbrain treated the Post-human, that if anyone with a Cyberbrain made contact with him, it'd take over their body and seize control of their entire operation. As it turns out, all Post-humans were once normal beings before their change; the man in the containment was called Gary Harts, and Chris discloses his extensive background to the group.

Meanwhile, the Tachikoma watch their team from a security room while telling the men there that they're merely ride-share drivers. Back to the group, they learn that sometime after he killed his wife, he single handily infiltrated a military base and either cyber hacked or killed the occupants there, all to launch a missile. However, thankfully, Gary was incapacitated and put into the state he's currently in. The target location of the missile was Moscow, and the Post-humans goal is speculated to be the collapse of the social order. Batou then demands to know if the Sustainable War will also be blamed on the Post-humans, but John denies that notion.

Major then notices that the paper airplane that Gary was throwing always returns to his hand as if he meticulously calculates the aerodynamics of the plane's flight. Just as the nurse was about to leave, the airplane landed outside the room. The nurse fetches and returns it to Gary; he grabs her by the throat and restrains her. An alarm is set off after the nurse is killed by Gary, and he manages to hack into the system. How Gary managed to do this, Major deduced that the messages he's been sent off and were saved for analysis were a virus that'd be released when the emergency alarm was set off.

At that moment, several robot guards enter the room to try and retrieve Gary, but the Major's group retaliates. Back to the Tachikoma, the damaged one jacks into the system out of curiosity and gets hacked by Gary. Soon Major and Batou lock themselves in the room Gary was in and fend off the oncoming robot soldiers. Left with no alternative to their situation, John allows Gary to be terminated, and Major orders Batou to finish him off.

Now that all the robots have gone offline, Aramaki asks John if there's anything else he'd like to tell them concerning the Post-humans. John promises to hand over all the available data he has on them later. The team then leaves the scene.


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