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Silly Kukushkin is the thirteenth episode of the Ghost in the Shell: SAC_2045 anime series.


Members of Section 9 seek out a man named Philip Kukushkin, a Russian national who seems to know a lot about the creation of post-humans.


In the Daifuku Hotel building, an engineer who claims he has "the code" to understanding all that is to the Post-humans is interviewed by two Indian government agents. Unbeknownst to them, they were all being watched by an unknown assailant.

At Section 9, Major, Batou, Purin arrive in the Chief's room, where the other members sat around and the Chief asks if Togusa has been located yet. Major claims that if Togusa is moving like a Post-human, he'll be difficult to track and would never be found by an AI facial recognition tracker. With that out of the way, the Chief discloses intel he's received concerning Foreign Affairs Sector 2. That sector was tracking a man known as Philip Kukushkin, a 2nd class cyber brain engineer who used to work for Russian Intelligence. Ishikawa rules him out as a spy, but notes that his body is 100% artificial. The Chief continues that Phillip is there in Japan and was likely seeking asylum with the Indian Embassy. He then plays an excerpt of Phillip's meeting with the Indian Government agents, where Philip claims he has the code. Hoping that John hasn't caught wind of this yet, the Sec 9 team heads out.

Meanwhile, at Hotel Daifuku, Philip is seen at the hotel's bar when a fellow Russian man approaches him and offers to buy him a drink, but he declines and is left alone. He then starts to choke and cannot breathe, all while Major, Batou, Purin, and Pazu arrive at the hotel and rush to Philip's location, but they arrive too late.

Afterward, a Sec 9 medic reveals that Philip's autopsy report claims he died of Prosthetic Malfunction due to Polonium, which Ishikawa surmises that a Russian person killed him. Pazu and Purin then return and report that they've identified the culprit; however, Major claims that pinning this murder on Russia seems too likely and could be a diversion. The medic then reports that the body didn't have a cyber brain, making it a remote body. Major then orders Purin and Batou to locate the real Philip, while Pazu, Ishikawa, and her will locate the killer.

Later, Purin and Batou investigate Phillip's room he stayed, and they're soon joined by the Post-human Suzuka Mizukane. However, she is invisible to the two and tries to hack into Purin, but fails. The two then investigate Philip's room and search his suitcase to find it empty. Noticing a robot charger plugged into the wall, Purin asks the male hotel attendee about it, and he claims that chargers like that one are only in rooms for elderly guests. Before going any further, Purin asks Batou to scan her to see if she's been hacked, but after doing it, he claims they're not and thinks she's over paranoid. So, Purin details her findings that Philip transferred his consciousness into a robot named "Ginger" before he was assassinated. Unbeknownst to the two, Suzuka was listening in on their conversation, and when they left to find Ginger, she stayed behind with the picture of Ginger and smirked. In an unknown location, John receives an intel update about a target his men failed to capture and contacts his HQ.

Outside the hotel, Batou and Purin split up, and Suzuka briefly after appearing before Purin leaving her confused. Soon, Purin finds Ginger acting strange. Calling over Batou, the two are left in disbelief about what's going on and find out from Major that they've been hacked and should switch over to Autistic Mode while she handles Suzuka. Pazu soon arrives with the van while Major pursues Suzuka, but loses her on a busy street. After Ginger is loaded onto the van, Major confirms to Batou that she's lost Suzuka, but suspects she'll target them soon enough, now that they have Philip.

Driving down the highway, the team speculates that Suzuka stopped her criminal activities abroad to target "Ginger". They then interrogate Ginger about what he knows about Post-humans. Before Ginger could speak, they're attacked by the Russian, who turns out to be a full prosthetic. Eventually, Major manages to subdue him and informs Batou that they'll take his braincase and figure out who his employer is later. Purin then asks Pazu to contact the Tachikomas as she currently cannot do it herself.

Moments later, Suzuka heads their way via a car armed with an RPG and an assault rifle.


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