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Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex O.S.T. is the first original soundtrack of the Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex anime series, composed by Yoko Kanno. It features the soundtrack and music composed for the first season of the series, and is produced by Kanno, Victor Entertainment and Bandai. Two versions of the CD were released: The original one, and later, the "+" version, featuring two extra tracks, the TV sized opening and closing themes of the second season of the series, Ghost in the Shell: S.A.C. 2nd GIG. This track listing is taken from the "+" version CD jacket.

Early releases of the "+" version were incorrectly mastered and tracks on the CD differ from the track listing. On affected copies the "Velveteen" and "Lithium Flower" tracks were included together as track #8 (total play time of 8:31). As a result, track #9 is actually "Home Stay" (3:57), track #10 is "Inner Universe" (4:55), and track #11 is "Fish-Silent Cruise" with a correct play time of 2:14. Track #12, with a play time of 5:15, is titled "Fish-Silent Cruise (Part 2)". This defect was apparently corrected at some point as current copies do not suffer from this problem.

Track listing

No. Title Lyrics Vocals Length
1. "Run rabbit junk" Tim Jensen 4:32
2. "Yakitori" (ヤキトリ) 7:10
3. "Stamina rose" (スタミナ・ローズsutamina rōzu) Gabriela Robin 2:52
4. "Surf" 3:01
5. "Where does this ocean go?" troy Ilaria Graziano 4:45
6. "train search" 1:58
7. "Siberian doll house" (シベリアン・ドール・ハウスshiberian dōru hausu) Gabriela Robin Gabiela Robin 3:50
8. "Velveteen" troy Ilaria Graziano 5:06
9. "lithium flower" (1st closing theme) Tim Jensen Scott Matthew 3:25
10. "Home stay" 3:57
11. "Inner universe" (1st opening theme) Origa, Shanti Snyder Origa 4:55
12. "Fish ~ silent cruise" Ben Del Maestro 7:30
13. "Some other time" Gabriela Robin Gabriela Robin 4:07
14. "Beauty is within us" Chris Mosdell Scott Matthew 6:08
15. "We're the great" 1:34
16. "monochrome" (モノクロームmonokurōmu) Tim Jensen Ilaria Graziano 5:10
17. "GET9 [TV Size]" (Stand Alone Complex O.S.T+ only)(2nd GIG 1st closing theme) Tim Jensen Jillmax 1:17
18. "rise [TV Size]" (Stand Alone Complex O.S.T+ only)(2nd GIG 1st opening theme) Origa, Tim Jensen Origa 1:31

CD staff

  • Produced by Yoko Kanno
  • Co-produced by Ota, Toshiaki
  • Directed by ishikawa, Yoshimoto
  • Recorded by Yabuhara, Masashi / Andrzej Sasin/ Will O'Donovan [m11] / James P. Nichols
  • Assisted by Kasuya, Shohei [Victor Studio]
  • Mixed by Yabuhara, Masashi
  • Mastered by George Marino [Sterling Sound in NYC] / Miyamoto, Shigeo [flair]
  • Recorded at Victor Studio / Soundcity Studio / Greenbird Studio / Megaride Studio [Napoli] / Soundtrack Studio [NYC] / m-1 Studio [Warsaw] / Manhattan Center Studio [NYC]
  • Coordinated by Nakatani, Yoshi [Napoli] / Chery Kaoru Hulsey [NYC] / Kawano Elle [London] / Wojciech Nowak [Warsaw] / Noma, Eriko [Tokyo]

  • Bass : Watanabe, Hitoshi / Hagiwara, Mekken / Gary Foote
  • Guitar : Tsuneo Imahori
  • Drums : Sano Yasuno
  • Piano & Key : Yoko Kanno
  • Percussion : Misawa, Maturo
  • Synth : Urata, Keishi / Sakamoto, Syunsuke
  • Orchestra : Warsaw Philharmonic Chamber Orchestra
  • Strings : Shinozaki, Masatsugu Group
  • Harp : Asakawa, Tomoyuki
  • Horn : Fujita, Otohiko Group
  • Voice & Chorus : Gabriela Robin
  • Trebble : Ben Del Maestro|Benedict Delmaestro [m-11][The London Oratory Schola]
  • Voice & Guitar : Hogari, Hisaki [m-15]

  • Translation by Mayu Jensen / Terada, Rie / Sofia Nappi / Gabriela Robin

  • Promotion by Ito, Shosei
  • Sales Promotion by Nakajima, Toshiyuku / Yamashita, Kou

  • Art Direction And Design by Mach55 go!
  • Cover Illustration by Shimomura, Makoto
  • Editorial Coordination by Kobayashi, Yasuko

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