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Having learned the entire truth behind the Laughing Man Incident from the Laughing Man himself, and having confirmed the information with Mr. Serano, Section 9 is finally ready to make their move against the man behind the corporate terrorism: standing Secretary General Yakushima. Unfortunately, Yakushima has learned of Section 9’s planned move, and has leaked the existence of the group to the press in an effort to cast the organization in a bad light. When Aramaki arrives to speak with the Prime Minister he presents the incriminating evidence against Yakushima, expecting the Prime Minister to take action and remove Yakushima from office. Unfortunately, the lower house elections are entering a crucial stage, and without the support of his party in that house the Prime Minister is uncertain of his ability to have Yakushima removed from office and arrested for his crimes. To counter this the Prime Minister decides to use the Special Forces Restriction Bill against Section 9 in an effort to improve his party’s image with the promise that he will take action after the elections have been completed. An alarmed Aramaki reluctantly agrees to the plan, and informs the Major of the impending raid on their headquarters, instructing her and the team to survive no matter what. Shortly after his departure from the Prime Minister's office Aramaki and Togusa become the first two members of Section 9 to be captured by the government. Elsewhere, a Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force carrier and three escorts have arrived in the waters off Niihama City. Aboard the carrier the Umibozu, an elite JMSDF Black Ops unit adept at paramilitary operations, prepares to storm Section 9 with armored combat suits and assault choppers. After exchanging shots with the Umibozu, the assembled members of Section 9 stage a feint suicide attempt before escaping to the basement. Kusanagi briefs them on the chief's last instruction before issuing the final order to the unit: "Security Section 9 is now disbanded. That is all."

Noteworthy Dialogue

Togusa: We've been through this, like I've told you over and over, that's not true.
Questioner: Then why was a member of Section 9 in contact with Mr. Serano while impersonating the Laughing Man
Togusa: Look, that was only to...
Questioner: To what?
Togusa: Hey! Section 9 didn't even exist six years ago, did it? How the hell could it be involved with the Laughing Man incident?! Huh?!
Questioner: Word has it that data falsification is a specialty with you guys, that true?
Togusa: Huh? Ah... gimme a break, would ya? Six years ago I was a police investigator, same as you.
Questioner: All right, let's take this again... from the top.

Batou: Hell, this is my own life. How I decide to waste it is my own damn business.
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