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Sustainable War is the first episode to the Ghost in the Shell: SAC 2045 anime series.


The United States, 2045. Working as mercenaries, the Major and her team, including newbie Stan, defend a gated town from outlaws. Togusa takes a call.


In 2042, the four major countries of the world, the G4 (American Empire, China, Russia, and the EU) sought economic sustainability for its members. Hence, using the AI Code 1A84, the American Empire initiated the war that would later be known as the Sustainable War. The war would spiral out of control due to the self-interests of the G4, and by 2042, the Synchronized Global Default would cause paper currencies to become worthless. All virtual currency and e-money would vanish, triggering a rapid escalation in the war as an industry. In advanced nations, riots, terrorism, separatist movements, and civil wars broke out and would gradually have the human race head toward extinction.

In 2045 Palm Springs, Central City, Major Kusanagi rides her jeep through the area with a Tachikoma riding in the back with her. Stopping on the road outside of the city, Major opens up a bottle of Budweiser and compliments the silence, but is aware that it won't last forever. She soon spots Batou driving a military-style jeep with Ishikawa by his side and a couple of Tachikoma in the back along with kegs of beer. Also in the back were Saito and the newest recruit Standard, who goes by the name of Stan. In a scene where Stan unknowingly calls Major a "Gorilla" because she has full-body prosthetics, he learns that the person he just disparaged was his superior. When Major asks Saito for his opinion on their newest recruit, he answers that Stan lives up to his name, and Stan backs it up with his cocky attitude. The unimpressed Major calls him a clown, which Stan has no clue what she meant by that, and the other passengers merely laugh, which agitates Stan why they're doing it.

Batou asks Major if they're still going to have the BBQ; however, Major claims it's canceled with a car and truck packed with nomads gaining on them. Major has the crew Brain Dive so she can brief them on their mission of hunting a group of plunderers who are targeting Gate Town. Furthermore, Major notes that they're to capture as many targets as possible, much to Batou's disappointment. Having Ishikawa take the wheel, Batou joins Major in her car, and the Tachikomi in Major's car leaps into action against their targets and adds cover to Ishikawa. Then, Major and Batou are sidelined off the road to deal with a couple of cars that have them in a pincer. On Ishikawa's side, Stan tries to prove his worth, but fails, garnering jeering from the Tachikoma. Under Ishikawa's instructions, one of the Tachikoma fires off a missile taking out one of the trucks. The Tachikoma from Major's car stealthily took out the cars chasing after Major. When all was done and settled, Major demanded that the nomads get out of there.

Elsewhere, Togusa drives through an advertisement-ridden city at night to bust a cybercriminal who was in the process of hacking a virtual currency server. Togusa handily defeats and arrests the man and then receives a call from Aramaki who, after a brief chat with him, asks for a personal favor from him. The favor involved the Prime Minister, and Aramaki asked Togusa to come by his office the following day, and Togusa agreed. Although Togusa notes that he's never taken a vacation day, Aramaki notes that it may be his last mission.

Meanwhile, Major and Batou drive as Major notes her remorse for the vulnerable people caught up in the politicians' antics that started the Sustainable War. They soon arrive in Gate Town and purchase a couple of supplies. That night, the team camp in a building where Ishikawa hacks into the area. Ishikawa then eavesdrops on the target's conversation and tells the team what they're up against; he also claims that the nomads they faced earlier were expected to take them out. Major then spots a small box, but Batou believes Tachikoma can handle it. Major then contacts the double agent inside the place named Obsidian to warn him they'll be making their move soon.

Eventually, in stealth, Batou and Saitou make contact with Obsidian and learn from him the targets' backstory and how their philanthropic backer armed them with their weapons. Despite not hacking into the leader's mind to figure out who the philanthropic backer was, Obsidian claims such a task was above his paygrade. When the group is under the influence of their optical camouflage, head forward, Obsidian tries to leave the group. However, the box that Major was weary of turned out to be a robotic guard dog that could see through the group's camouflage.


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