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The Battle Begins is the twenty-second episode of the Ghost in the Shell: SAC_2045 anime series.


Shimamura wakes up and makes a desperate move, putting Kusanagi and her crew in an impossible position.


Togusa's group is attacked by the ASF and Major informs Togusa that Suzuka is dead. In turn, Togusa informs Major that Takashi is still asleep despite not knowing he's awake. Once Saito takes out one of the ASF, Togusa's group manages to escape the scene, all while Purin continues to climb up the hook wire. Takashi then stops the Tachikoma he was being carried by and faces off against the ASF, taking nearly all of them out. Major is then alerted by Togusa of the situation as Takashi holds an ASF at gunpoint. Togusa tries to reason with Takashi, and one of the Tachikoma details that Takashi may be aware that Suzuka is dead. Again, Togusa tries to reason with Takashi, and at that moment, Purin arrives at the scene. Using Takashi's personal tactics against him, Purin flings a bunch of tiles at him via the N Net. Takashi then hacks into Togusa's Tachikoma and uses its gun on Purin; the ASF then starts firing at Takashi. Major's group then arrives, exit their Tachikoma, and points their weapons at the ASF. The Major demands that the ASF lower their weapons while Purin tries to get Batou's attention, Togusa's Tachikoma tells her to be quiet and sides with Takashi. Then Takashi speaking through the Tachikoma, conveys the new set of rules as the previous ones were compromised. In short, Takashi relinquishes his command of the nukes to the people of N and that everyone should evacuate the area. Batou then notices something appear on one of his hands and sees that the ASF may have the same thing on their hands. Takashi then escapes the scene with Togusa's Tachikoma with Togusa still inside as the Tachikoma pleads with the Major to warn the Prime Minister about the situation. With Takashi gone, the ASF flee and send off another fire flare.

Major updates the Chief about the situation, and Ishikawa thinks that Takashi's threat isn't valid and Major notes that the Chief agrees with the notion. Purin then explains that she also agrees with it and confirms that she died and was somehow revived. Initially, it was entirely blamed on the Tachikoma, but Major reveals that she was the true mastermind behind the ordeal. Although Batou has disdain for what Major did, he begrudgingly accepts it and notes how Purin's body is now like the Major's. Batou and Purin then have a heart-to-heart with each other, and Stan regroups with the group, showing everyone something on his hand. It's figured out that it's a button to launch the nukes, which makes Batou weary. Boma then restrains and cyber locks Stan, and Ishikawa then links to him to find out that he has the same virus Togusa caught when he disappeared. Purin then looks at it and confirms it; she then relays her encounter with another N user and her speculation of the true nature of those of N.

The Chief and Tate then discuss the matters involving N, and they cut it short in favor of having it in person. Batou then suggests they capture Takashi, and after learning his location from Pazu, the group break into two groups. Boma and Purin return to Suzuka's base, and the remaining go to Takashi's last known location while leaving behind the unfortunate Stan.

Meanwhile, Togusa is finally able to leave his Tachikoma, and he demands answers from Takashi. Tachikoma speaks on behalf of Takashi, and as they leave, the door they pass through closes leaving Togusa locked behind it. He then notices a missile launch button on his hand and figures he's an N too. Walking down the only pathway out of there, Togusa vows not to let Takashi have his way.

The Chief enters his car that's opened by an attendant resembling Kanami, and partway, it explodes.


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