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The Moon over the Ruined Castle is the twenty-third episode of the Ghost in the Shell: SAC_2045 anime series.


Kusanagi and her team do everything they can to stop the US from implementing their draconian plan to end the nuclear standoff with "N."


Prime Minister Tate learns of the Chief's car exploding and tries to contact him.

Standing outside of Suzuka's HQ, Pazu is confronted by Takashi and, after this encounter, learns that he's become an "N" too. Inside Suzuka's HQ, Purin sits on Suzuka's chair while Boma stands guard as a backup. Purin, now in the cyber world, breaks into the American Empire's Pentagon database.

Major's group reaches Togusa's last known location, and Ishikawa mentions that Pazu has gone dark, and Purin reveals that the Americans plan to use Smart Gas all over Tokyo. The gas is a lethal toxin that'd kill everyone in its proximity, and five stealth bombers carrying the gas will reach Tokyo within roughly three hours. It would cause an estimated seven million people to die from the effects of the gas. Stan then complains that he doesn't want to die, and Tate informs the group of the Chief's supposed demise. Hence, she sends Tate intel about the American's plans to release toxic gas onto Tokyo to stop them from carrying it out. Batou also warns Tate that his life could be in danger, and Tate agrees. Once he cuts contact with the Major's group, Tate is surrounded by a group of men led by Prosecutor General Kusunoki. Tate asks that Kusunoki and his men leave so he can contact the Americans. However, Kusunoki refuses under the allegations Tate faces for treason.

To buy some time, Purin attempts to hack into the American Bombers, but fails and gets ejected from Suzuka's chair. Boma tries to help Purin, but Takashi takes his skull, who then confronts the reawakened Purin. Unable to stand up to Takashi's power, Purin agrees to help Takashi achieve the world he's trying to create.

On the Major's side, Ishikawa claims that he's unable to contact Boma, but the link to Purin is still active; however, she's not answering. Furthermore, Togusa's Tachikoma was pinging him from Suzuka's room, meaning Takashi was there. As Saito moves from his position, Togusa locates the submarine armed with the nukes.

As Tate is escorted out of his office by Kusunoki's men, two Tachikoma attack the men, and exiting from one of the Tachikoma was the Chief. He shows Kusunoki proof of Tate's innocence and that the Americans' were at fault for the entire Post-human crisis, allowing Tate to contact the American President.

Reaching Suzuku's HQ, Major's group finds the brainless body of Boma. One of the Tachikoma locates Takashi, and when they chase after him, the Tachikoma disappear, but one shows up on their radar, but is believed to be a trap laid out by Takashi. Purin's voice is heard claiming she's found a way to defuse the situation by everyone becoming N. Ishikawa volunteers to stay behind with Saito on the lookout as Batou and Major pursue Takashi.

Meanwhile, Togusa enters the submarine and locates the android body of Suzuka. He shots at the android, making her awaken and fight against Togusa, who manages to defeat her after their brief skirmish. Just then, Togusa finds an old fashion telephone on one of the submarine control panels. Back to Ishikawa, after a brief confrontation with Purin, he learns that he too has become an N and, with Purin behind him, uses two grenades to blow himself up. Saito sees Purin on his scope, but the moment he gets his sights on her, he becomes an N too and is sequentially shot dead by a sniper that looks exactly like him.

Major and Batou notice that it's snowing out; in reality, the American's dispersing the gas, and the Tachikoma, now sympathizing with Takashi, inform Batou that he's an N too. Vehemently denying the fact, Batou and Major are then confronted by Purin. From the submarine, Togusa contacts the Chief that he disabled the missiles from the submarine and tries to inform Major of this feat, but she doesn't answer. Instead, Major follows Batou's suggestion of going after Takashi, leaving Batou to face off against Purin alone. The two have a conversation concerning Purin's understanding of N, and after a brief fight against Batou, she kills him.

Catching up to Takashi with a Tachikoma, Major demands to know how Takashi was able to ghost hack so many people. Takashi doesn't give an answer and charges forward toward Major, and when Togusa contacts her, she accidentally shoots Takashi down. Learning that Takashi was shot dead, those of N press the launch button on their hands. This triggers the Suzuka android to awaken and launch the nuclear missiles with the last of its energy. In the end, as the Major dies beside Takashi as the Smart Gas takes effect, she claims that Takashi's plan all along was to destroy the world.


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