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The Revolution of the 14-year-olds is the eleventh episode of the Ghost in the Shell: SAC_2045 anime series.


Purin helps analyze the Thinkpol program while the Major and Togusa search for clues about the post-human middle school student Takashi Shimamura.


At his school, Takashi stares at his mobile game, and when he catches a glimpse of a girl named Kanami, his sister Yuzu warns him about it. Takashi then tries to lead Yuzu out of the classroom but is called back to his seat by the teacher Takeru Hamabe who had just entered.

In the Section 9 computer area, Ishikawa relays his findings to the team of what information he found about Takashi. Ishikawa does confirm that Shinya did go to the same school as Takashi and that after he created Think Pol, he disappeared. Hence, Major and Togusa will investigate Takashi's home and orders Ishikawa, Boma, and Purin to continue analyzing Think Pol. She also has Batou and Pazu hook up with Saito to hunt down Suzuka Mizukane.

While his math teacher Takeru gives a lecture on teens acting on their impulses fueled by their hormones, Takashi plays his mobile game. The speech is stopped by Kanami, who asks the teacher to get back on topic, which he tries to, but the school bell rings, and the class is dismissed. Before Kanami leaves, Takeru asks to see her in the counselor's room during lunch. On the other hand, Takashi is fixated on airborne troops that will come and save them, even though Yuzu claims they're not coming.

Major and Togusa ride a chopper to their destination; Major does a bit of a background check on Takashi and sees that his only family is his mother. Back to Takashi, Yuzu tells him that Kanami isn't coming back, and then a teacher barges into the classroom, telling the kids to turn off their cyber-brains and head to the gym, claiming there's an aerial attack in progress. As Takashi tries to escape, he catches Kanami in only her bra and underwear, and Takeru flees the scene. They're blocked by the troops and flee in the opposite direction, and when Takashi confronts them, he's shot down by them, and Kanami then rushes to his side.

Meanwhile, Major and Togusa talk to Takashi's mom about Takashi, whose weird behavior coincides with the Post-human behavior. At the school again, news of Kanami's death is announced, and Takashi is shown to be alive. Also, Yuzu reveals to Takashi that everyone in the classroom knows the truth about Kanami's death and that he's also the one who is the "Airborne Troopers". This leads Takashi to believe that War is Peace and Freedom is Slavery.

Underneath Takashi's bed, Togusa finds a copy of George Orwell's 1984 with bookmarks tagged around certain pages. Togusa asks Takashi's Mother if his disappearance was related to his classmate's suicide. However, she does admit that Takashi stayed home three days after the suicide, and during that time, he was hyper-focused on his computer. A scene where Takeru is beaten to death by eyeless students is shown, and Takashi watches the incident unfolding, but refuses to continue being involved in it.

Back to Major and Togusa, they learn from Takashi's Mother that he took his security blanket with him before he left. Just then, Purin warns them that Takashi is within a 200-meter radius from them. No sooner when Takashi's spotted, he disappears from his location. En route to their location were Batou, Saito, and Pazu. Although Takashi was supposedly at the front door, he never appeared before them, and Major warns Takashi's mother that he's not the same person she once knew him as. She states that Takashi is a terrorist and will commit a great act of genocide. Hearing this causes Takashi's Mother to have an emotional breakdown.

Afterward, Takashi's mother prays to her deceased husband and in Takashi's room finds his old security blanket and a letter from Takashi underneath it.


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