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Aramaki is summoned to the Prime Minister's office after plans to ship plutonium from the Uchikon Seven district of the Shonjuku Refugee District were leaked to terrorists. Despite a Coast Guard raid that managed to halt a weapons sale to the terrorists, there are lingering worries that the refugee terrorists may still attempt to capture the plutonium. To counter this Section 9 is covertly assigned the mission of escorting the material out of the refugee district. Commanding the operation is Kazundo Gouda, who is assigned Section 9 to oversee the transfer. He and the team are inserted into the refugee district by paradrop, and arrive at the Ground Self Defense Army (GSDA) check point where they are redressed in clothes befitting refugees and tasked with guarding a beat up SUV and shuttle bus commandeered by other members of Section 9 for the purpose of moving the plutonium. Meanwhile, Gouda discusses the mission with the commanding officer of the GSDA check point, who assigns three men to help Section 9 with their transport of the plutonium.

Shortly thereafter the team departs from the camp and proceeds to head out of the refugee district via the beltway and interstate. Along the way the team encounters several of the refugees who live in poverty within Shijuku. During the trip out of the refugee district the team encounters a roll over accident involving a garbage truck, prompting Section 9 members to dismount from their vehicles to investigate further. During a conversation with the refugees near the truck a GSDA member mistakes a bent pipe in the hands of one refugee for a pistol, and the ensuing shoot out results in the needless death of several refugees and ill feelings among the group. These feelings are further increased when, after arriving at the intended destination, the team discovers that they were used as a decoy, and that the plutonium Section 9 believed they were guarding was in fact shipped by sea.

Notable Dialogue

Bato: Hey, what do you think you are?
Gouda: What do you think you are? A small elite special force? If the refugees were armed, you all would get killed.
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