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The True Reason For The Unfinished Love Affair

The True Reason For The Unfinished Love Affair 未完成ラブロマンスの真相Mikansei Love Romance no Shinsō

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1 (SAC)

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Transcript:The True Reason For The Unfinished Love Affair

Air Dates


January 21, 2003


March 6, 2005

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Chinks in the Armor of the Heart


Assassination Duet

Episode Type
Stand Alone episode

Stand Alone episodeThis episode takes place independently of the main plot. This is the twwelfth stand-alone episode of the season and the seventeenth episode overall.


Major Kusanagi and Chief Aramaki are visiting London for an anti-terrorism] conference. While there, Aramaki stops at a wine bank to visit an old friend of his who asks for his help in breaking up a Mafia money laundering scheme involving the bank and an unknown third party. Before Aramaki can leave, two thieves break in and a hostage situation ensues. In an effort to separate themselves from the incident, the Mafia attempts to have Aramaki and the bank staff killed during a police raid, while Kusanagi makes her own plans to rescue the chief and his friends from certain death. The Chief manages to convince the thieves (who are complete amateurs) to surrender, and they take shelter in a secret compartment. Kusanagi manages to infiltrate the bank and extract Aramaki, as well as the evidence needed to implicate the Mafia.