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Those Who Evolve Toward Divinity is the twentieth episode of the Ghost in the Shell: SAC_2045 anime series.


Batou and the group get an update on the posthuman situation from Standard. The Major and Purin join the rest of the crew in Tokyo.


Shinjo and Purin watch from the van as Takashi confronts the soldiers. As Shinjo tries to pull out a 3D-printed assault rifle, the soldiers start to cry and pull away, and Purin suspects the soldiers were ghost hacked despite being in Autistic Mode. With nothing else standing in their way, Shinjo drives on, and by morning, with the city close on the horizon, Purin hijacks the van and drives off. Left alone, Shinjo is then captured by a group of people accusing him of being a "Like N" and is taken to Room 101.

Meanwhile, the Tachikoma piloted by Batou, Saito, and Togusa, and also Stan take a conveyer platform to the upper level of the area. As it rises, they learn from Stan about the Post-humans operating the nuclear sub and that it was his team's mission to find out that Post-humans do, in fact, sleep. Although they're mostly active for 24 hours, they have 15 minutes of sleep within that time frame and don't awaken for anything. Despite being able to take out Suzuka when she was asleep, the Post-humans set up a set of rules the Americans had to follow. The rule was that if either Suzuka or Takashi died or they both died simultaneously, the nuclear weapons in the subs would be launched. However, if no move is made against the Post-humans, there will be no nuclear strike. Upon reaching the top of the place, Batou unlocks Stan's memories leaving him shocked, and when Batou's group leaves, Stan hitches a ride on Batou's Tachikoma.

Purin continues driving the van and hoping to locate Takashi, but to no avail until she discovers a new network she aptly calls the "N-Network". Accessing the network, she uses it to monitor Takashi's possible location. Elsewhere, Togusa spots Purin riding the van on the horizon, but his Tachikoma claims that's impossible since she's "dead". As they continue forward, Stan claims he'll no longer accept jobs from the NSA and activates a blue laser light from a pen-like object. This signals an extensive line of tanks to storm into the city. Ishikawa spots this and reports his findings to Major as she, Pazu, Boma, and several Tachikoma head to the area. Major then informs Ishikawa that their mission has changed to capturing Suzuka and then has Boma access the Spy Satellite, and they locate Batuo's group with it. That said group, parks their Tachikoma in a parking lot with armed GSDF soldiers and vehicles nearby as Ishikawa's plane rendevous with them. However, the GSDF warns Ishikawa's plane to vacate the area immediately, but Ishikawa doesn't heed it, so his plane is shot down. Thankfully, Ishikawa survives the ordeal by taking refuge inside of his Tachikoma. The GSDF soldiers then start firing on the group and going into camo-form; the group escapes via their Tachikoma, leaving Stan to chase after them. As they escape, Ishikawa brings Batou's group up to speed on his new intel concerning the mission objectives. Boma reports to Major about Batou's group status, but Major notes her concern about how the Post-humans could hack the GSDF soldiers.

At a safe location, Batou's group discusses their plan to capture Suzuka with the intel Stan has on Post-human behavior. Afterward, the group heads to Suzuka's sleeping location to ambush her. As Saito takes a sniping position, Batou, Togusa, and a Tachikoma infiltrate Suzuka's resting area and find their target resting. Major, at the location, signals Batou that Suzuka is on the move, and they pursue her. Batou does, but soon learns it was Suzuka in disguise as the real Major arrived at the scene and started shooting at their target, only for her to flee the scene. Togusa, Stan, and Tachikoma then regroup with Batou and Major as Batou gets the virus expunged from himself.

Afterward, Batou has the Tachikoma analyze the graffiti within the area, and it learns that it's a key to disengaging someone's Austistic Mode. Batou then suggests they turn off their Vision Enhancement AI, and then Saito Boma regroups with them as Boma details that Pazu is following Suzuka.

As Major begins the Mission Briefing, unbeknownst to them, Takashi observes the group from a distance, and Purin locates Takashi.


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