• I own the first volume of the manga and noticed Motoko hasa friend she works with, of which is presumably a cyberbrain or cyborg technician in the manga. In SAC she appears as a blonde woman and witnesses her cyberbrain transfer during the Laughing Man incident. There seems to be little to no information on her so I was wondering if anyone has any clue as to who she is. 

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    • This is a late reply but I wanna try to answer. 

      I'm not an "expert" on this series in any way so don't take this as fact. 

      I'm not aware of any background information on her other than her being a nurse like you said. In the manga though, it's mainly implied that she's Motoko's friend but also.....uhhh, "fuck buddy" if you will. I'm not joking either, if you own the English manga they have censored this scene, but in the original Japanese manga it shows Motoko having a cybersex orgy with her and another female. 

      In the S.A.C. series, (from what I've seen) her name is Kurutan and is simlar. While they obviously don't show anything sexual, they slightly hint at the same thing (in my opinion) she looks very disappointed when Motoko does research at her place (as if she was expecting something else) and before the cyberbrain transfer she's staring at Motoko and helps her zip up her gown.

      ...yeah, Motoko likes girls apparently, hah.

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