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The Tachikomas locate a stealth gate accessible only through the European Satellite system; after passing through the gate, Borma recovers a suspicious file believed to be the virus that infected the Individual Eleven. Ishikawa and Borma attempt to figure out how the virus in the file affects its victims by using the external memories of an infected Individual Eleven member. They succeed in learning that the virus is activated by reading all of Patrick Sylvestre's previous essays in addition to The Individual Eleven, but the price for this success is high: Borma is seemingly knocked out by the virus. Meanwhile, Togusa is sent to search for a written copy of "Individual Eleven", the political essay bearing the same name as the terrorist group, but at every place he can think of to check, no one seems to be able produce an actual written copy of The Individual Eleven. When Togusa decides to make one last stop he unexpectedly finds himself confronting a suicidal man who has become infected with the virus, and learns from him that there never was a written essay by that name. Elsewhere, Kusanagi, Batou and Saito have been dispatched to Kagoshima after the man behind the attempt on the prime ministers life unexpectedly turns up on an IR system near the city. The man, named Hideo Kuze, has gone there to rendezvous with the other members of the terrorist group known as the Individual Eleven. Section 9 intends to arrest Kuze at the Kagoshima war memorial, but Kuze and the other assembled members of the Individual Eleven leave before Section 9 arrives. As Kuze and the Individual Eleven drive to Kyūshū they share the stories of their crimes to pass the time, until they reach the Kyūshū Radio Tower; upon reaching the roof of the tower, the group commits mass suicide by mutual decapitation with katanas on live television.

Notable Dialogue

Male Reporter: Hey, Are you getting this? What did he say? Get him on camera!
Batou: What the hell?
Male Reporter: Swords! They're swinging swords and-- OH! THEIR HEADS! THEY JUST CROPPED OFF EACH OTHER"S HEADS! Each of them! They- They kill each other! What a unbelievable sight! (Grunts) THESE MEN WHO APPEARED ON THE ROOF AND MURDERED ONE ANOTHER WITH SWORDS!
Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex 2nd GIG Episodes

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4: Natural Enemy | 5: Those Who Have the Motive | 6: Latent Heat Source |
7: The Rhapsodic Melody of a Bygone Nation | 8: Vegetarian Dinner |
9: The Hope Named Despair | 10: One Angry Man | 11: Kusanagi's Labyrinth |
12: To Those Without Even a Name... | 13: Face | 14: Beware the Left Eye |
15: Afternoon of the Machines | 16: The Fact of Being There | 17: Mother and Child |
18: Angel's Poem | 19: Chain Reaction of Symmetry | 20: Confusion at the North End |
21: Escape in Defeat | 22: Abandoned City | 23: The Day the Bridge Falls |
24: Aerial Bombing of Dejima | 25: To the Other Side of Paradise | 26: Return to Patriotism