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The Tachikoma units, through the use of a satellite, have spotted an American Empire ballistic missile submarine carrying nuclear submarine-launched ballistic missiles off the coast of Okinawa. The discovery has the Tachikoma tanks concerned; they cannot hack into the submarine's computerized equipment to determine the vessel's orders, and to make matters worse, the SLBM's carried by the submarine are designed to go clear into the stratosphere before returning to earth. This revelation means the submarine can hit Dejima Island from its current location and position and that the missile can not be traced back to the submarine, thereby absolving the American Empire from any blame for a nuclear attack. The Tachikoma tanks believe that the sub is preparing to destroy Dejima by launching a nuclear tipped SLBM at the island, which will eliminate not only Dejima Island and its refugees but also the Ground Self Defense Army soldiers stationed in Nagasaki and the Maritime Self Defense Force cruisers around the island. Elsewhere, Batou and the rest of Section 9 are heavily pursued by Section 4, dispatched by the JGSDF to retrieve the plutonium allegedly possessed by the militant refugees. Section 9 seems to have the upper hand until Batou and the others are cornered by Section 4 members in an open air plaza. In a bold move, Batou reveals himself to Section 4 and attempts to convince them that they are being set up by a third party. Since Batou's eyes are of the type that the members of Section 4 have, the team leader and the other members of the Rangers listen to Batou as he explains that a submarine is preparing to nuke Dejima, and Section 4 realizes that if the plutonium is not presented to the GSDA soon they will launch a full-scale military invasion of the island. Wasting no time, both Section 9 and Section 4 head for the bridge with the plutonium. At the bridge site, the GSDA has finally succeeded in erecting a replacement for the section of bridge destroyed earlier. Unaware of the nuclear threat posed by the nuclear submarine, the GSDA prepares to invade Dejima to pacify it ahead of the expected arrival of the UN inspectors.

Elsewhere, Kusanagi finally locates Kuze, but both find themselves trapped under rubble following a JMSDF air raid. Trapped in a warehouse, and with missiles and naval gunfire pounding the position, Kuze explains that his revolution is meant to be a sort of mass migration/evolution into the net, and that his ideals and the ideals of the Individual Eleven virus were enough at odds with each other that he was able to break the virus' hold on him. As the two converse, Batou heads for Kusanagi's position to rescue her from the impending nuclear strike.

Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex 2nd GIG Episodes

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