The world of Ghost in the Shell is a near-future interpretation of our own world, set in the mid 21st century.

For all intents and purposes, the GITS world is not an 'alternative' one, but in fact is presented as the future of our own world, directly referencing our own modern events. However as time progresses and the events of Ghost in the Shell 'don't happen', the world is destinated to become an alternative one, not an imagained future.


Blue Glass Arrow Main article: Characters The Ghost in the Shell universe is an expansive and complex one, with many characters featuring across the (sometimes contradictory) Films, TV series, Novels, and Manga.


Blue Glass Arrow Main article: Technology The main technology in Ghost In The Shell would be in the field today referred to as biotech. However it would be more accurately described as cyberpunk. This technology includes augmentations to the human body (such as mechanical/bionic limbs), and augmentations to the brain (computer chips to aid in memory storage and processing speed), as well as advanced robotics and mechanical weaponry.


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Blue Glass Arrow Main article: Locations The Ghost In The Shell story is set in 2030's Japan, with events occuring throughout the country, and sometimes also abroad.


Blue Glass Arrow Main article: Philosophy Ghost in the Shell offers many observations on present day philosophy and speculations on future philosophy.