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Vegetarian Dinner

Vegetarian Dinner 素食の晩餐Soshoku no Bansan

Season #

2 (2nd GIG)

Episode #



Transcript:Vegetarian Dinner

Air Dates


April 3, 2004


January 21, 2006

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The Rhapsodic Melody of a Bygone Nation


The Hope Named Despair

Episode Type

This is a Dividual episode.

This is a Dividual episode. This is a stand-alone episode that is not strongly tied with the other story-lines. This is the fifth Dividual episode and the eighth episode of the season.


Tired of manipulation by Gouda, Aramaki decides to take the initiative to conduct his own investigation on the Individual Eleven case while simultaneously looking into the Cabinet Intelligence Agency. Section 9 is split into two teams, one focused on digging up additional info and the two aforementioned cases, and the other tasked with locating an ex-GSDA officer identified as a person of interest in a series of shootings at a local TV station. While on a stakeout of a Taiwanese vegetarian restaurant, Batou and Togusa find out that Section 1 has been fed false information about the same ex-GSDA soldier, and have set out to kill him on the assumption that the man is a world renowned terrorist. Batou and Togusa arrive too late to save the man, and both sides determine that someone behind the scenes is feeding disinformation to Section 9 and Section 1.

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