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What Came About as a Result of Togusa's Death is the eighth episode of the Ghost in the Shell: SAC_2045 anime series.


The Major and Smith clash over Section 9's new mission hunting post-humans. She orders Togusa to investigate a suspected spy near the Prime Minister.


Togusa and Aramaki arrive at Prime Minister Tate's mansion and learn from him that they've successfully made the American Goverment in their debt. After Togusa and Tate are acquainted, they head to Tate's office, where the Major's team and Tachikoma reveal themselves by turning off their stealth ops. While Tate compliments Major and thanks them for taking on the Post-human extermination mission, she, in turn, notes that her team hasn't agreed to it as of yet. She also suggests they continue the conversation through the internal network, and he agrees to do it. From there, Major negotiates their desired budget for the team, and Tate claims he'll consider it after consulting some people.

John then interrupts the meeting with his personal opinion on the budget proposal and to relay he's been assigned to be an advisor to the group by the American government. John then gives the group papers detailing three suspected Post-humans in Japan. Tates then asks for more information on Post-humans, and John discloses what he can tell about them while using newfound information collected from the incident involving Gary Harts. Currently, it's suspected that there are at least fourteen Post-humans at large. Because of the Post-humans' wary nature, except for Patrick Huge, the group speculates how the Post-humans operate on such a large scale without drawing attention to themselves. John then stops the conversation and demands that the group hunt down the Post-humans on the list, but Tate demands to know the American President's position on the matter. To that, John answers that since America took the brunt of the damage, they should be the ones that handle it. He tries to level with them, saying that the world is facing off against a common enemy. However, the group abruptly leaves, and Aramaki claims that he'll talk things over with Tate over the budget and leaves it up to them whether they join the new Section 9 or not. He gives the group a couple of days to decide, but John vehemently claims they cannot deny this request, but Aramaki speaks in favor of his former team members.

Afterward, the team heads to the new Section 9 HQ, where they meet the other Tachikoma and get introduced to Purin, who is a fanatic over Batou. Later on the chopper deck, Togusa talks with Major asking if it's alright for him to join the team, but Major claims that it's up to Aramaki to decide. However, Togusa regrets not answering yes in the past when Major asked him to join. Again, Major recounts what Aramaki said that he wants to join and come back to the meeting in a couple of days; as for her, she hasn't decided yet. Togusa then assures her that he wants to work with her, but Major claims he shouldn't overthink things and decide on his terms. But as a test for Togusa, Major asks for Togusa to sniff out the suspected spy affiliated with John that could be working for Tate.

That night, Togusa infiltrates Tate's office and finds a bug inside there, and afterward, Togusa sits at a bar where two men sit beside him. He expresses interest in working for them, and they agree to hire him; they then take Togusa to a harbor area. The two men try to assassinate Togusa, but he manages to escape. Chased around the harbor, Togusa is caught in a pinch and is assassinated by the two men. His body is then plunged into the harbor water; however, this was just an illusion set up by Togusa, who hacked into the men's minds. Doing this allowed him to figure out that they were agents of the Japanese-American Security Department and relay this information to Major. Furthermore, Togusa gives his thoughts on Aramaki's plans to set up another big job for Section 9.

On the day of the meeting, Togusa learns that the budget has been approved. John then enters the room and has no data on Togusa, so he introduces himself to him. The former Section 9 group then appears and agrees to join the team.


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